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How was Hazrat ALi (RA) martyred and who was the killer?

Today is the day of the martyrdom of Hazrat Ali (RA). He was the cousin and son-in-law of the Holy Prophet Muhammad Mustafa (PBUH) and was the fourth caliph of the Muslims.

Hazrat Ali (RA) was born in Makkah on the 13th of Rajab, 24 years before the Hijrah. He was very respectful and used to show his virtues by his words and deeds. That’s why he is found more in the hadiths of Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) than any of his companions.

The hereditary lineage of Hazrat Ali:

His father Hazrat Abu Talib and his mother Fatima bint Asad both belonged to the tribe of Bani Hashim of Quraysh and these two elders had brought up Hazrat Abdul Muttalib the Prophet of Islam after his death. Hazrat Ali (RA) is a cousin of the Prophet (peace be upon him). He came to the house of the Prophet (peace be upon him) as a child and was brought up there. He was trained under the supervision of the Prophet. He did not leave the Holy Prophet alone for even a moment.

There is a general tradition about Hazrat Ali (RA) that he converted to Islam at the age of 13. Due to the distinguishing qualities and services of Hazrat Ali (AS), the Holy Prophet (PBUH) used to respect him a lot and used to show his virtues by his words and deeds.

Hadiths of the Holy Prophet about Hazrat Ali

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said:

Ali is from me and I am from Ali.

Ali is the best judge of all of you.

Ali has the same relationship with me as Haron had with Musa.

The soul (Ali) is from the body or the head is from the body. “

The three virtues of Hazrat Ali (RA):

Hazrat Ali (RA) is the most beloved of God and the Holy Prophet (PBUH). Hazrat Ali’s practical honor was that when all the doors of the mosque were closed, the door of Ali Karam Allah Wajiha was kept open.

When the Muhajireen and the Ansar became brothers, the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) declared Hazrat Ali (RA) as his brother in this world and in the Hereafter.

In the end, in the field of Ghadir Khumm, in the gathering of thousands of Muslims, he raised Hazrat Ali on his hands and declared that Ali is also the Maula of whose Maula I’m. 

How was Hazrat Ali martyred and his killer?

A Muslim who prays the word of God, Allahu Akbar, how can we call such Muslims who have malice in their hearts. What is the glory of our caliph Ali? But he offered sacrifices for the sake of his Lord. When Hazrat Ali visited the mosque of Kufa, Ibn Muljam was reciting in the mosque. Ali said, “O Ibn Muljam, get up, the time for prayer is running out. Pray.”

Suddenly Ibn Muljam stepped forward and stabbed the head of Hazrat Ali with a poisoned dagger. ۔ All the lovers started shouting and crying.

The companions carried Hazrat Ali on their shoulders and took him home. The house was in turmoil.

Hakeem started treatment but the poison had worked. On the other hand, Ibn Muljam
was arrested and brought here. Hazrat Ali remained ill for two days at his house and then left this world on the 21st of Ramadan.

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