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‘How to Murder Your Husband’: Why did Nancy Brophy kill her spouse?

One may think that how can a romance author named Nancy Brophy one day decides to write about how to murder a husband and then kills him. Well, it actually happened in Oregon in 2018.

Nancy Crampton Brophy was a 72-year-old novelist who shot and killed her husband named Daniel Brophy in 2018. But why?

In a recently released series titled ‘How to Murder Your Husband’, it was revealed that his husband was a chef. He was murdered by his own wife. Nancy was arrested and charged with second-degree murder in September 2018 and was found guilty in May 2022 after a seven-week trial.

Why did she murder?

As per the prosecution, Brophy plotted for months to kill her husband in order to cash in on his $1.4 million life insurance policy and own their $300,000 home.

The prosecution said the Brophys were struggling financially. The fall before Daniel Brophy was killed, the couple took out $35,000 from his retirement account.


She was sentenced to life in prison and is serving her sentence at the Coffee Creek Correctional Facility in Wilsonville, Oregon.

Brophy’s stance

Crampton Brophy testified she would “do better” with her husband alive, because they were cashing in their retirement plans and intended to downsize their property. The defense speculated Daniel Brophy’s murder could have been a robbery gone wrong.

Where is she now?

Crampton Brophy has remained in custody since her arrest in September 2018, several months after her husband was shot. Her sentencing has been scheduled for June 13.

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