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Hospital in Bahawal bans jeans for female medical officers

The step has been taken in the light of ‘preach Islam and reform the society' (The Aga Khan University)

BAHAWALPUR: Bahawal Victoria Hospital (BVH) has banned jeans in the hospital for women medical officers (WMOs) and paramedics.

According to Dawn, the decision was made by the newly appointed medical superintendent Dr. Muhammad Younus Warraich. According to the orders, wearing jeans in the hospital has been banned, and wearing a dupatta or scarf has been made mandatory for the female staff workers. The step has been taken in the light of ‘preach Islam and reform the society’.

A notification signed by Mr. Warraich, under the title ‘DRES’s CODE RULES IN B.V. HOSPITAL BAHAWALPUR PREMISES’ has two categories of ‘ALLOWED’ and ‘NOT ALLOWED’. The latter gives the list of the dress that’s not allowed in the hospital. It includes ‘jeans/tights (but only with knee-length shirt), high-up trousers/capri above ankle, tight fitted clothes, see-through clothes, heavy /tacky bangles or rings, sleeveless/half sleeves clothes, heavy make-up (especially dark lipsticks), untied long hairs, high heels (making loud sounds and turning heads of everyone), extreme hairstyles (especially high buns like the hump of camels), low neckline (front and back), nail paint on long nails, slippers and anklets (Pajaib)’.

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The ‘ALLOWED’ category includes, ‘shalwar kameez or trousers with long shirts, dupatta/scarf, minimal jewelry like studs/tops, simple ring, or a chain with locket, sleeves below the elbow, lab coat (compulsory in hospital premises), maternity gowns/suitable dresses (during the antenatal period) and scrubs with long sleeves that can be folded for females’.