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Thursday 23rd March 2023 / 1 Ramadhan 1444

Hira Mani’s former manager takes action against actress over verbal abuse



Actress Hira Mani has landed into hot waters as her former manager named Nuzhat Jaffery accused her of verbal abuse.

The Mere Paas Tum Ho actress’s old manager has filed a complaint against her in the Karachi police station. According to the complaint,  Nuzhat had faced a lot of verbal abuse from the Sun Yara actress.

She also reported that the actor used different tactics and violent measures to harm the manager in a personal capacity. The former manager also reported that she was working with the actor when she had done all the said things to her.

In the response, the police department has demanded proof that will act as a support to the accusations against Hira Mani from her former manager. She has posted pictures of her complaint on her Instagram.

On the other hand, the Mere Paas Tum Ho actress remained silent on the matter and had not released a statement related to it.  







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