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Monday 17th January 2022 / 14 Jamadilakhir 1443

Have you tried fish and prawn Katakat at Karachi’s Kemari?

Known as the city by the sea, it is an obvious fact that Karachi nests numerous, mouth-watering seafood restaurants. Its produce is fair and abundant to tantalise the seafood hungry taste buds of many foodies in the city.

Although more than 1,500 types of finfish and shellfish are found along the Pakistan coast, about 200 species are commercially harvested. Among other shellfish, crab, lobster, squid, cuttlefish and mollusk are important.

We’ve put together some of the unique seafood delicacies available in Karachi’s Kemari area. Without doubt, it is better than the selection in any other part of the country and Karachiites make sure to get a bite of each one of them.

Kemari Sea Food, in Karachi, is offering traditional Katakat of fish and prawns, while rolls of both the seafood is also available.  Talking to M.M News, the shop’s owner said, “Our customers used to ask us about other varieties in sea food besides fish grill or fish fry. So we decided to introduce new dishes this year. We introduced roll and Katakat of prawns and fish.”

Talking about Katakat, Usman said first they make fish bone-less then add spices including ginger and garlic. You can have Katakat with bread or chapatti also. Served with spicy and tasty raita, this dish turns out to be a pleasant change from the routine of desi food.

Regarding the price, the shop’s owner said we sell prawn rolls here for Rs 250. A large plate of fish Katakat is available at Rs600 while prawn Katatkat is available at Rs700.

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