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Monday 26th July 2021 / 15 Zulhijjah 1442

Hania Aamir’s new dancing video in US goes viral on social media

Pakistani actress Hania Aamir’s dance video dancing in Las Vegas has leaked and went viral on social media.

The actress could be seen dancing casually in front of a hotel with her friend Maida Azmat. Hania Aamir who went to Las Vegas a few months ago shared some memorable photos and videos on Instagram.

Another thing that grabbed everyone’s attention was watching another woman, a resident, dancing with Hania like they were already friends.

However social media users are reacting to it differently, some people think they should immediately stop dancing and for some people, it’s adorable.

Earlier, a viral video of Hania and Dananeer Mobeen made the round on social media where Pawri girl is sitting on the lap of Hania and is being fed by Hania while Dananneer pouts and eats.

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