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Had warned ‘neutrals’ my ouster would destroy economy: Imran Khan

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan on Friday once again said that he had warned ‘neutrals’ that the economy would go into a ‘tailspin’ if the “conspiracy” against his government succeeded.

He expressed these views in his latest tweet while criticizing the incumbent government over the country’s worsening economic conditions.

PTI Chairman wrote that he had warned ‘neutrals’ — a reference to the establishment — that the economy would go into a ‘tailspin’ if the “conspiracy” against his government succeeded.

The remarks by the former prime minister, who was ousted from power through a no-confidence motion by the joint opposition, came on the heels of the historic depreciation of the Pakistani rupee against the US dollar and the bloodbath at the stock market over the past few days.

The rupee has touched 193 against the US greenback whereas the bears ruled the stock market amid economic uncertainty.

Imran tweeted that the government led by PML-N President Shehbaz Sharif has “failed to provide” policy and action being awaited by the market. He added that he had told the establishment that the ouster of his government would result in economic recovery going into a tailspin which has “now happened”.

The PTI leader said the interest rate was highest at 15 percent since 1998 while the stock market lost 3,000 points and inflation rose to 13.4 percent due to the “lowest ever confidence” in the government.

Imran had also made similar claims during a gathering in Attock on Thursday.

He had said as soon as he learned about the “foreign conspiracy” against his government, he informed those who were supposed to foil it about its economic implications, but “unfortunately, we could not do anything [about it]”.

“I told those who could have stopped this conspiracy… told them that economy would suffer if the conspiracy succeeded and [then-finance minister] Shaukat Tarin also told them but unfortunately we could not do anything,” he had claimed.

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