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Wednesday 7th June 2023 / 18 Zulkaedah 1444

Group of Indian men march 120km to find brides

Image: BBC

A group of men in the southern Indian state of Karnataka marched 120km (74.5 miles) to visit a temple so they could pray to find wives, BBC reported on Thursday.  

Their endeavour sparked humour online, but activists say it points to deeper socio-economic issues in the region.

Most of the men who joined the march – it started out with 30 participants and ended with 60 – were farmers from Karnataka’s Mandya district. The sex ratio at birth here has been skewed for decades – campaigners say that is one reason why many men find it hard to get married. Others include dwindling farm incomes and women exercising different choices from earlier generations.

Mallesha DP was one of the participants in the Brahmacharigalu padayatra – the march of the bachelors – to Male Mahadeshwara temple, whose devotees believe their prayers will be fulfilled.

“When I should have fallen in love, I was busy working. I made money,” he says. “Now that I have everything in life, I cannot find a girl to marry.”

Mr Mallesha is only 33, but says he’s already considered to be past the ideal age for marriage in his area.

Shivaprasad KM, one of the organisers, says more than 200 men had signed up to be part of the march when they first announced it.

“Many backed out because local media presented our case in a negative manner,” he says.

An organiser says more than 200 men signed up for the march but many dropped out due to the tone of the media coverage.

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