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Wednesday 25th May 2022 / 23 Shawwal 1443

Govt’s reforms to open Pakistan to foreign investors: Afridi

ISLAMABAD: Minister for Narcotics Control and SAFRON Shehryar Khan Afridi has said the incumbent government has launched a reforms process in Pakistan so it could be open for foreign investors.
Speaking to to a delegation of entrepreneurs from China’s Sichuan Province led by Mr Zhu Maa, the minister said that Chinese President Xi Jinping’s vision will benefit underdeveloped countries and they will rise with help from the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).
“China and its people live in our hearts. Chinese people stood for Pakistan since day one. I am delighted to meet Muslims of China who believe in one God and faith. Our objective is to love and respect humanity,” he told the visitors.
The minister said that China’s unprecedented rise reflects that a strong nation can develop all parts of the country, and this is how President Xi has done wonders with his poverty alleviation campaign.
“We salute and cherish the way the Chinese government has got 800 million people out of poverty. Today China is an inspiration for the entire globe,” he added.
He said that Pakistan provided firm support to China during Ping Pong diplomacy and helped it become a UN permanent member and is still with China when it has become a world leader.
“It is unfortunate that Pakistan’s image has been replicated negatively while our social fabric and I hope after watching Pakistan closely you would become Ambassadors of Pakistan and tell Chinese nation how peaceful and loving Pakistanis are,” he said.
Afridi said that due to Chairman Mao Zedong leadership and Deng Xiaoping’s reform agenda, China has today become one of greatest economic giant of the world.
The minister said that Pakistan is blessed with all resources including seasons, mineral and fertile lands, particularly the youth.
“Return on investment is much higher in Pakistan in entire region,” he said, adding that the government has initiated a visa policy and has opened Pakistan for world investors to come and invest here.
The minister said that Pakistan has immense potential for religious tourism, is home to most of the fourteen top mountains in the world, and now also has a dynamic tourism policy.
“Our manpower is doing wonders in across the globe. One window service for foreign investors has been introduced and World Bank has declared Pakistan the top country in Asia in Ease of Doing Business policy,” he said.
“Every single penny you invest here will be taken care of by Pakistan government. More people in Pakistan are now learning Chinese and inter-marriages are taking place,” the minister said.
Mr Zhu Maa said he has has brought several delegations to Pakistan and it is great experience each time as the people of both countries people are very friendly.
He said Pakistan provides best opportunities for investment, and that there is a need to project opportunities for investment to Chinese people.
He vowed to showcase Pakistani products and halal food in Chinese markets. “We plan to invest in Halal meat and export it to China and Middle Eastern countries. China has good equipment and services,” he concluded.
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