Google TV’s new feature let users hide specific content

The Google TV 'Continue watching' carousel will soon let you 'Hide' content.

Google TV is planning to roll out more features in the near future through which a user can hide specific content.

The Google TV ‘Continue watching’ carousel will soon let you ‘Hide’ content. ‘Continue watching’ is a very convenient way to get back to what you were previously viewing. Movies and TV shows across different apps are shown here with a cover image and progress bar.

At I/O, Google shared how over 100 major app partners support the WatchNext API and that it leads to an about 30 percent increase in re-engagement.  On the new Chromecast and presumably supported Sony televisions, Google TV is beginning to roll out a new ‘Hide’ action for the Continue watching row that’s available by long-pressing on a card with the center button on your remote.

This previously only presented ‘Open,’ with this feature not yet widely rolled out. It’s not live on three devices we checked this afternoon. Android TV already has this feature — as a pop-up — but it wasn’t available on Google TV until now.