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Sunday 23rd January 2022 / 20 Jamadilakhir 1443

Gmail down as Google services face major outage globally

SAN FRANCISCO: Google Services suffered a major global outage, with users reporting issues with Gmail, Google Drive and Google Docs.

Several users reporting being unable to send emails and attachments through Gmail, with others complaining of issues uploading files to Google Drive.

Additionally, some users faced connectivity issues while using other services, including Google Docs, Google Meet, Google Search, and Google Voice.

The problems with Gmail appear to be affecting Google users worldwide. The G-Suite Status Dashboard has also been updated to reflect issues affecting Gmail.

In a post, Google said it was “investigating reports of an issue with Gmail” but the company has yet to provide any further details.

Many users complained of issues like inability to log in, add attachments and receive messages. Others faced problems while trying to attach or access files in various parts of the globe.

The company acknowledge there is disruption in sending e-mails, Meet recording, creating files in Drive, posting message in Google Chat, among others.

Thousands of users have flagged these issues on Twitter. “Only can send emails with nothing in them (no text or attachment) – a blank email with a title gets through. I’ve tried different accounts, different networks, different equipment,” posted another Twitter user.

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