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Saturday 23rd October 2021 / 17 Rabiulawal 1443

Global COVID-19 death toll tops 2.4 million

WASHINGTON: The number of coronavirus cases worldwide has exceeded 112.648 million while 2.496 million people have lost their lives.

More than 88.23 million coronavirus patients have been cured in the world and more than 21.917 million are undergoing treatment. The coronavirus situation is the worst in the United States, with 514,996 deaths and more than 288.97 million people affected.

India ranks second in the world in terms of coronavirus cases, with 156,598 deaths and more than 11,029,000 people diagnosed with the virus. The total number of deaths from coronavirus in Brazil is 248,646 and more than 1260,000 people are affected.

More than 4,189,000 people in Russia have been infected with the coronavirus, bringing the total death toll to 84,047. More than 4,134,000 people have been affected in the UK and 121,305 deaths have been reported.

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In France, more than 3,629,000 people have been affected and 85,044 have lost their lives. More than 3,161,000 people were affected and 68,079 died in Spain. In Italy, more than 2.832 million people have been affected, while 96,348 people have died.

According to statistics, the first 50 million cases of coronavirus in the world were reported in 356 days, while the last 50 million cases have been registered in just ninety days. The first case of coronavirus was registered on 17th November 2019, after which the number of cases reached one crore on 27th June 2020.



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