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Thursday 30th June 2022 / 0 Zulkaedah 1443

Global coronavirus cases set to surpass 19 million

WASHINGTON: The number of coronavirus infection cases across the world has surged to 18,975,254 and the pandemic has so far claimed over 711,220 lives.
According to the latest data, 12,163,754 patients have recovered from the pandemic so far. The United States tops with nearly 4,973,568 cases and more than 161,601 deaths followed by Brazil with over 2,862,761 cases and more than 97,418 deaths.
India has reported 1,856,754 cases and more than 40,000 deaths due to the coronavirus. The country has the third-highest number of recorded infections in the world.
Over 856,264 people have infected while 14,207 people died of the virus in Russia. South Africa has become one of the top five worst-hit countries in the coronavirus pandemic as the country reported over 516,862 infections and reported 8,539 deaths.

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Mexico has reported 48,012 deaths and 443,813 cases. Peru has reported 433,100 cases while 19,811 deaths.
In Chile, nearly 361,493 cases were confirmed, including more than 9,707 deaths. Spain has recorded 28,472 fatalities and 344,134 infections.
Colombia ha reported 327,850 cases while 11,017 death. Meanwhile, the death toll is 17,405 in Iran as the confirmed number of cases is almost 312,035.
The United Kingdom has reported 46,210 fatalities and 305,623 infections. Saudi Arabia has reported 280,093 cases of coronavirus, while 2,949 coronavirus deaths have been reported.
Italy, which recorded its first coronavirus death at the end of February, has 35,166 fatalities, while 248,229 infections. Turkey reported 233,851 coronavirus cases and 5,747 fatalities.
Germany has reported 9,232 deaths and 212,320 infections. France has reported 30,294 deaths and 191,295 cases.
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