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Tuesday 27th September 2022 / 1 Rabiulawal 1444

Gender equality and Islam

In the religion of Islam, women have been given the same status as men, but in terms of relationships, sometimes men have priority and sometimes women, while the status of a woman as a mother is 3 times higher than that of a man.

President Dr. Arif Alvi said in his message on the social networking site Twitter yesterday that all business families must bring their sons forward, where are the wives, daughters and daughters-in-law? Gender discrimination is not Islamic culture.

Comparative statistics of male population in Pakistan from 1950 to 2020 show that for every 100 females in 1950 there were 119.79 males.

2 years ago today i.e. in 2020, the numerical advantage of men for every 100 women was reduced to only 106.02, against which neither men can raise their voice nor women can express pride about it.

Just as in the era of ignorance, if a person had a daughter, she was buried alive, even today there are many such traditions. For example, divorcing the wife when a daughter is born, discriminating against the daughter and marriage against the Quran etc.

“Vata Sita” is also a painful ritual that only the women of both the victimized couples have to bear the brunt of. Pakistan has entered the 21st century, but it is sad to say that centuries-old customs have not left us behind.

Whether a daughter or a son is born to any person, it cannot be objected to because according to Islamic beliefs. If it is not the will of Allah Taala, then no couple get children and everyone will die childless. 

Gender discrimination is not only killing a daughter as soon as she is born, but it is also gender discrimination that sons are given better food, clothing and education and daughters are forced to wear cheap clothes while keeping them hungry and ignorant.

Numerous hadiths of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and verses of the Holy Quran prove that women deserve the same dignity, respect and rights as men. There is no distinction between the two, at least in terms of basic human rights.

On the one hand, women are considered to be the maids of the house and the responsibility of the kitchen is placed on them and if men accidentally break their hands in the housework, they also get to hear various things from society.

There is a need for society to understand that no job is small, big, male or female, but the person whose physical capacity allows him to do as much and the type of work can do it.

The history of Islam is replete with the exploits of countless women who defeated men on the battlefield. Nevertheless, if Islam is objected to by saying that it oppresses women, then there can be no greater injustice.

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