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Tuesday 6th June 2023 / 17 Zulkaedah 1444

‘Free market’ set up in Hyderabad for poor  

Image: AFP

To bring relief for residents of Hyderabad during the period of high inflation, Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) has set up a “free market” in the city to help poor families get basic commodities.

The free market has been opened in Hyderabad’s Latifabad Unit 6 area.

By the help of free market, around 500 poor families can get things for use at no cost.

Market organizer Rukhsana Kausar said deserving people struggling to run their kitchens amid runaway inflation are welcomed to the market where they can get whatever they need.

She added that the initiative had been taken just to bring happiness to the families working day and night to meet their necessities of life.

The commodities available in the market include children shoes, bangles, clothes, furniture and many other items.

The citizens of Hyderabad appreciated JI’s initiative of helping the poor families and look forward to the philanthropists to step ahead in helping the struggling lower and middle class in unprecedented times of inflation.

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