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Tuesday 28th June 2022 / 28 Zulkaedah 1443

Five reasons why you should start watching ‘Aakhir Kab Tak’

So those who are waiting for a typical everyday life drama to watch in this drama then 'Aakhir Kab Tak' is not your cup of tea (REVIEWIT)

So those who are waiting for a typical everyday life drama to watch in this drama then 'Aakhir Kab Tak' is not your cup of tea (REVIEWIT)

It’s the 21st-century and Pakistani dramas are still made with the ingredients of premarital relationships, extramarital affairs, patriarchal regime, misogyny, and justified religious tones. But the recently aired drama ‘Aakhir Kab Tak’ is breaking stigmas of a typical Pakistani mindset.

Touching on taboo yet crucial topics that our society suffers from even today, the drama Aakhir Kab Tak not only sheds light on harassment and women empowerment but also addresses the impact of toxic relationships and the importance of consent in marriage.

So those who are expecting a typical everyday life in this drama then ‘Aakhir Kab Tak’ is not your cup of tea. Here are the five reasons that you should start watching the drama ‘Aakhir Kab Tak’ right away. 

Importance of consent in marriage


Even thinking about consent in Pakistani society is itself considered taboo. The idea of romantic love in our dramas is somewhat different; immensely conditional, materialistic, and filled with compromise.

Saying no to your spouse is never an option, it can later become a verdict against you. But Aakhir Kab Tak has handled such sensitive issues impressively. In one of the episodes, when Saim tells Fajar then he would not even talk to her without her consent, this dialogue is itself a reminder of how important consent is necessary in marriage.

How mental health impacts an individual


Dramas are usually based on the relationships that the characters share with one another where some relationships are healthy and strong, others are toxic and get weaker. Aakhir Kab Tak, on the other hand, has shown how important it is to keep a check upon mental health. 

One should not be shunned away by the toxicity of relatives, instead, you should face the person identify the problem and speak about it.

Role of parents


In this drama, the makers from the beginning of the episode have never shied away to show how Safia is an illiterate woman who is an underconfident mother and definitely has low self-esteem issues. She has nurtured one of her daughters the same way she was bought up.

However, in last night’s episode, Safia finally finds the courage to have a mother-daughter talk. Let’s just agree life hits different while watching the role of Fajar. “Aapne ne mujhe darna sikhaya chup rehna sikhaya. Agar aap ka dia hoa darr mere andar no hota tou aaj main zinda lash na hoti. (You only taught me fear and stay silent. I would have been a different person if not raised like this),” this is exactly what Fajar tells her mother.

Lines of Fajar itself speak a lot, “Main kuch aur hoti agar aap kuch aur hoti.” Parents unintentionally condition their children the way they were conditioned once, the same happens in the drama how the role of a mother affects her daughter in every possible way.

But gladly in recent episodes, it can be seen how Safia’s character has made a lot of progress, all hail to Noor for changing the way her mothers perceive the world.

Women empowerment 


Aakhir Kab Tak is incomplete without Noor. Not only does she become her sister’s friend and advisor and support her when she suffers through harassment at the hands of her teacher, but she also takes over her father’s factory when he becomes paralyzed without caring what people have to say. 

Noor is fearless; not being threatened by sister’s harassers’ blackmail but also files complaint against him without thinking even once about the society.   

Impact of toxic relationships


This drama is everything. It talks about women empowerment, consent’s importance between husband and wife, domestic violence, rape, mental health, and most importantly impact of toxic relationships on one person. 

Fajar is an introverted, depressing character who stammers while she speaks. In the recent episode, it was revealed that her cousin Bassam played a huge role in her personality and more than him, it is her own mother who conditioned her this year to always stay quiet and never utter truth, and no matter what happens its always her fault. Unfortunately, the majority of girls are brought up this way in our society.

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