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First LGBTQ short film to release in Pakistan

Many Pakistani filmmakers are offering bold content through OTT platforms and Bheetar is the latest example of it.

The recent bold short film titled ‘Bheetar’ Mazhar Moin’s upcoming series whose teaser has been released depicts the story of a woman who is in love with another woman.

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Written by Maahir Kamal, the cast includes Juvaria Abbasi, Manal Siddiqui, Zohaib Bux, and Usman Chaudhry. The short film is based on LGBTQ and it has been presented by Meem Kahani. The title of the short film reads as, ‘[Bheetar] – A love story’. 

Well, the central character of the show is a Hindu lady Bheetar who is shown to rebellious in love and keeps feelings for her other fellow. The love track of the girls has been openly shown in the teaser. The director has also shared the teasers and talked about love beyond societal understanding and acceptance.  

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