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FBI warns Sikhs in US about death threats after Canadian activist’s brutal killing

(Photo: FBI)

WASHINGTON: The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has issued a warning saying that India can kill Sikh leaders in America as well.

According to the details, the supporters of the movement of secession from India are facing threats from India in Canada as well as in America. The FBI warned top Sikh leaders in California in June.

American Sikh activist Preet Pal Singh and American Sikh Caucus committee members said that after the murder of Hardeep Singh Nagar in Canada, the FBI contacted us and informed us that we have to be careful. Our lives are also at risk.

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The American Human Rights Organization said that similar instructions and warnings were issued by the FBI to Sikh leaders across the United States. Canadian and American Sikh organizations have announced a protest in front of the Indian diplomatic mission.

The Sikhs for Justice Organization for Canada demanded the government to expel the Indian ambassador while Sikh organizations have also indicated protest in front of Indian embassies and consulates.

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