Ex president KCCI hails PM’s decision to reduce energy tariff for industry

KARACHI: Former President Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI), Shamim Firpo has welcomed Prime Minister Imran Khan’s decision to provide relief to the industry by reducing electricity tariff.

Renowned industrialist Shamim Farpoo while talking to MM News said that Prime Minister Imran Khan’s package of 50% discount on electricity bills to small scale industries will lead to an industrial revolution in the country and will strengthen the country’s economy.

He further said, “PTI government has started taking the country out of difficult times, the people had to reap what the past rulers had scented”.

“The small scale industries in the country had for long been striving for a balanced electricity tariff so that our industry could compete with the region,” he added.

“The struggle is now over as the government has realized the issue he stated. The reduced cost electricity will positively impact local markets, help the country overcome inflation, and lead to economic growth,” Farpoo said.

He said that when there is an increase in machinery in small scale industries, the need for manpower will increase and so will the employment opportunities.

He also urged the businessmen, traders and industrials to avail the benefits of this facility and play their part by increasing their production as well as export volume.