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Ex PM’s son’s hilarious hit back to trolls will make your day


Former Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi’s son, Haider Abbasi, has set the internet on fire with his hilarious replies to a picture of his graduation ceremony with his wife and father.

Haider Abbasi’s tweet got the attention of social media users when he decided to troll back the user who was trolling him instantly.

It all started with Twitterati questioning Haider, “Hamare paiso se degree complete ki ha. Humne tumhari fee bhari ha. Shukria ada nai karoge hamara?” [You have went abroad to study on our money, we have paid for you. Wouldn’t you say thankyou to us?]. To which Haider Abbasi replied, “Thanks for paying my fees. Much appreciated.”

Another user said, “The ones whose children, money, wealth and they too will be leaving Pakistan soon…. Nation stands with #ImranKhanPTI.” To which the former premier’s son responded, “Sir, all my wealth and my PS4 is in Pakistan.”

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Haider also thanked the social media users for increasing his followers on Twitter and tweeted, “I gained nearly 2000 followers because of this tweet. Twitter privilege is real.”

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