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Friday 8th December 2023 / 25 Jamadilawal 1445

Emma Alam bags World Speed Reading Championships title



KARACHI: Pakistani girl Emma Alam has won the final of the 13th World Speed Reading Championships by defeating more than 100 competitors from around the world.

The championship, which was delayed due to coronavirus, ended this week with a resounding victory for team Pakistan. Emma Alam, who defeated her Chinese rival in the final, was also crowned World Memory Champion and Guinness World Record holder in 2020.

Abeerah Ather, who finished fourth in the World Speed Reading Championship, also participated in the 12th World Mind Mapping Championship in which Emma Alam came third and Ambreen Hameed came fourth.

During the Speed Reading Championships, competitors are given a book and a maximum of two hours to read it. As soon as the contestant finishes reading, their time is recorded. The book is snatched and given a question paper with 20 questions designed by the author and a moderator of the Guild of Mind Sports Arbitrators with certain rules.

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One or two sentences are required to answer the questions, in which there are not many choices. The book provided for the 2021 Championship consisted of a total of 15,823 words, which Emma Alam read at 789 words per minute in 20 minutes and 4 seconds.

Emma and her team have been participating in various brain games for the last four years. After winning the competition, Emma Alam said that she is very happy to bring home another world title.

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