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Wednesday 29th November 2023 / 16 Jamadilawal 1445

Embracing breathing pillows can reducing depression: Study



Depression has become a common ailment in human life and that’s why scientists have invented an artificial pillow that when pressed to the body gives a strange feeling of calmness.

One can also call this pillow a hug pillow because it has special pumps, circuits, and motors. Thanks to this technology, the inner structure expands and contracts, which can be felt by the person holding the pillow, but this mathematically developed pillow itself helps you in breathing exercises and meditation.

Scientists said that in the next phase, it was tested on 129 volunteers who were suffering from some degree of anxiety. Some of them were asked to hold pillows for a while, they were asked questionnaires and then a mathematical test was taken. Forty-five people were asked to hold the pillow to their chest and feel it for only 8 minutes.

On the other hand, 40 people were guided through voice while 44 people did nothing. The level of anxiety in these individuals was measured by questionnaires before and after the experiments.

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According to the study, those who hugged the pillow and meditated, both groups acknowledged some reduction in anxiety, but those who did not receive any help admitted that their anxiety increased.

So it can be said that pillow therapy is just as effective and efficient as meditation. The total length of this breathing pillow is 36 cm. There are no guidelines for its use and it is not controlled by any app. Its use depends on the patients themselves how they feel about it.

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