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Sunday 4th December 2022 / 10 Jamadilawal 1444

Donald Trump hails ‘unstoppable force’ if Johnson and Farage unite

Donald Trump Brexit

Donald Trump hails 'unstoppable force' if Johnson and Farage unite

Mississippi: President warns prime minister about his Brexit deal, urging him to “get together” with Nigel Farage.
The President blindsided Downing Street by giving an interview to the Nigel Farage that overshadowed the prime minister’s efforts to sell his withdrawal agreement to the public.
Mr. Trump intervened vigorously  into several domestic issues, including the pact between the Conservatives and the Brexit Party. He told Mr. Nigel Farage in the interview that Jeremy Corbyn would prove to be “so bad for your country” and denied the Labour leader’s claims that Brexit would put the NHS “up for grabs” by United States corporations.

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Trump believes they would make a “tremendous” team. Donald Trump has urged Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage to combineto stop Jeremy Corbyn taking Britain to “bad places”. The US president said the Prime Minister and the Brexit Party leader would be an “unstoppable force” if they could agree a general election pact. “I wish you two guys could get along,” Mr. Trump said during an interview on Mr. Farage’s show. “I think it would be a tremendous thing.” In spite of backing Mr. Johnson to get Brexit done, the president warned that his EU deal would have to be changed if he wanted to secure a free trade deal with America. The interview preceded the Brexit Party’s election launch, at which Mr. Farage will reveal how many candidates he will field, his strategy and whether he will stand to be an MP.

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However, Mr. Corbyn launched his campaign by declaring war on rich class, saying the UK should not have billionaires. Prominent business leaders said he had no idea and had led “a narrow life”. 
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