Did TikTok star Hareem Shah humiliate institutions with cash display?

Controversial TikToker Hareem Shah arrested in Turkey (PHOTO: ONLINE)

The queen of controversies Hareem Shah has once again managed to create buzz on social media soon after her video went viral on the internet but this time the TikToker has landed herself in trouble.

It was Shah’s viral video that landed her in hot waters as Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) decided to probe the TikToker.

What exactly the video is about? 

In her viral video, Hareem Shah can be seen with UK pounds and claiming that for the first time she has brought a ‘heavy amount’ of money from Pakistan to the UK.

As she fidgets with the bundles of currency notes, she laments that the Pakistani rupee has lost its value despite the government’s claims of ‘taking it to great heights’. She further said that nobody could stop her and that she had taken the money outside Pakistan easily.

The TikToker also claimed that the Pakistani passport has also lost its value due to the incidents like Murree disaster where 22 people died in a snowstorm. 

Where was Hareem traveling?

Hareem Shah was said to be smuggling thousands of British pounds abroad while travelling from Jinnah International Airport to London without being checked anywhere at the Karachi airport. Shah had travelled from Karachi international airport to Doha, Qatar on January 10.

FIA and Shah

After Shah’s viral video, the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) and Pakistan Customs authorities registered a money laundering case against the TikToker and asked the United Kingdom’s National Crime Agency (NCA) to take action.

According to the Federal Board of Revenue’s website, a passenger can bring any amount of any foreign currency to Pakistan but “taking out foreign currencies is permitted up to $10,000 unconditionally.”

“The FIA has decided to write a letter to the UK’s National Crime Agency to take action against Hareem Shah whose real name is Fiza Husain,” the statement said It added that “the transfer of currency through illegal means falls in the ambit of money laundering.”

The FIA statement said the inquiry against Shah was launched under laws pertaining to foreign exchange laws and her “visa, immigration and travel documents have been obtained.” “The FIA has initiated an inquiry and sought details from Pakistan Customs and Airport Security Force as well,” the FIA spokesperson said.

Shah’s U-turn

This is when Hareem Shah took a U-turn after FIA launched inquiry against her and said that she has not smuggled money from Pakistan to the United Kingdom.

She denied any wrongdoing, terming the video just a prank. In a statement uploaded on social media, Shah termed her earlier video of taking money from Pakistan via Khi Airport, just a prank.

Is Shah humiliating institutions?

This is not the first time that Shah has found herself in hot water. In October 2019, authorities had launched an inquiry when she had shared videos of herself in the conference room at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

At that time, the incident raised eyebrows, questions, tempers and concerns regarding security on social media. Later, Shah had said that she had entered the conference room after seeking permission.

“They should not have allowed me to make a video if it was against rules and regulations,” she had added. Such incidents are indicating that Shah does not respect the laws of the country.

Even netizens on social media are demanding severe strict action against the TikToker for humiliating law and order in the name of prank.

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