Woman sews, sells footballs to feed her family

ISLAMABAD: A deprived woman from Sialkot is sewing and selling footballs on busy streets of the federal capital as a way to feed her family.

Talking with M.M News, Abida asserted that she had been struggling for the past two years to make ends meet for her family of four. “I learned to sew football as a child, but I didn’t know that in the future it would become my source of livelihood,” she said.

The woman further said that her husband is severely ill and had suffered a stroke. “My husband had an accident and since then he hasn’t earned anyhing. My husband hasn’t earned a penny since the lockdown in March,”

“The monthly rent for our house is Rs 5,500. Electricity bill and gas bill is Rs 1,000 and Rs 700 a month, respectively,” she said, adding that her daughters are young and there are several problems for them in a rented house.

Talking about her  job, she said, “I sew two or three footballs a day, I used to sew five footballs earlier, but now I’m sick, I can’t do much work due to my illness.”

Abida said that she earns up to five hundred rupees by working all day, which is not enough to meet her expenses. She has appealed to the government of Pakistan to support her family under the Ehsaas programme.

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