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Danish Kaneria criticises Shahid Afridi for calling India an ‘enemy country’

Afridi rejects allegations levelled by Kaneria that he mistreated him

KARACHI: Former Pakistan leg-spinner Danish Kaneria has once again criticised star all-rounder Shahid Afridi for calling India ‘an enemy country’, saying that Pakistan’s enemies were those who instigate people in the name of religion.

The statement comes in response to former cricketer Shahid Afridi’s anti-India statement. Afridi rejected allegations levelled by Kaneria that he mistreated him for being Hindu, saying that the latter “is giving interviews to our enemy country which can incite religious sentiments.”

Taking to Twitter, Kaneria said: “India is not our enemy. Our enemies are those who instigate people in the name of religion.” He also criticised Afridi by suggesting him not to interview with any Indian channel if he sees India as an enemy.


“If you [Afridi] consider India as your enemy, then don’t ever go to any Indian media channel,” Kaneria wrote on Twitter. He claimed, “When I raised my voice against forced conversion, I was threatened that my career would be destroyed.”

The former Pakistan captain recently broke silence over Kaneria’s allegations, saying that he himself was trying to fully understand the religion at the time to which the former player is referring.

Criticising the former leg-spinner, the 42-year-old said that Kaneria defamed the country’s name by spot-fixing and ended his career himself. “He is accusing me to get cheap fame and money,” added Afridi.

Afridi said that Kaneria was like a brother to him and he always supported him.  “Why is he placing allegations against me now? Why did he not complain to the Pakistan Cricket Board and Habib Bank Limited about my behaviour towards him at that time?” asked the cricketer.

He said that Kaneria did spot-fixing in England and was convicted there. Former league spinner Kaneria is facing a ban for his involvement in a spot-fixing case.


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