Court orders Sindh police to submit effective strategy in multiple rape case

SUKKUR: The Sukkur bench of the Sindh High Court has ordered Sindh police to submit to the court their short or long term strategy in multiple rape case.

According to Dawn, the double bench which comprised Justices Salah­uddin Panhwar and Abdul Mubeen Lakho while hearing a petition ordered the Sindh police to submit to the court within 24 hours their short or long-term strategy.

Inspector General of Police Ghulam Nabi Memon in this regard informed the court that Sindh police faced heinous crimes such as kidnapping for ransom, narcotics trade, and street crimes. According to him, Sindh police had announced Rs520 million as head money for 275 dacoits.

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Assistant Advocate General Zahid Mazari informed the bench that dacoits were now not only kidnapping men but were also abducting the hostages’ womenfolk and daughters and recording their videos while sexually assaulting them and selling such videos on the dark web.

The bench expressed dismay and Justice Panhwar remarked that kidnapping for ransom had become an industry in which Rs 2 billion annually was being earned.

He said that when some hostages were freed they said that personal assistant to a minister got them released after payment of money.

The judge asked the respondents that police should expose the facilitators of the dacoits. “If we were not judges, we could have exposed the facilitators within 10 days,” he said. Mazari informed the court that women were being kidnapped and trafficked to Oman.

Whereupon Justice Panhwar said that in such a situation they were left with only two options, first to resign forthwith from duties and second to trust the state.

He said that there was no other option but to conduct a joint operation by police, Rangers and army against the dacoits in riverine areas of the province.

He ordered the respondents to submit their strategy whether short-term or long term within 24 hours and adjourned the hearing until today.

Earlier, three suspects of a gang that is involved in multiple rape incidents while committing robberies over the last few weeks were arrested.

According to details gathered by MM news, local police arrested three suspects, identified as Zeeshan, Sajid, and Amir, believed to be involved in at least 4 cases of rape during robberies.

It has been learned that the armed dacoits raped the wife and daughter in front of father Pir Baksh four days back during a robbery.

Pir Baksh filed a complaint against the robbers at Aroop police station and slept at the neighbour’s house after the incident.

The robbers then entered neighbour Abdur Rasheed’s house and raped Pir Baksh’s wife and daughter in front of him again over filing a complaint against them. The robbers said that everything will happen in front of his eyes again because he reported the incident to the police.



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