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Thursday 6th October 2022 / 10 Rabiulawal 1444

Corona isn’t the last pandemic

The medical sector around the world including Pakistan has played a leading role to contain the outbreak of the novel coronavirus by risking their lives. The medical personnel has set new examples of service to humanity. The services of Pakistani doctors are also being appreciated at every level in this hour of hardship. However, in the current situation, the shortcomings and weaknesses in the medical field have also come to light.
The world is changing. The world may face germ warfare soon. Diseases will further increase around the globe.  These germs or viruses affect everything, including humans, livestock and crops, and medical professionals need to work on how to deal with these viruses. The threat of the Congo virus in Pakistan has also increased on Eid-ul-Adha.
There is a need to focus on improving disaster management. We should also promote entrepreneurship in the health sector. The novel coronavirus has changed Pakistan in many terms. We are witnessing that the government has also diverted its attention to the health sector. The government should set up health centres across the country like the Karachi Expo Centre.
Scientists from other countries including the USA, UK, Germany, France, Pakistan are sharing their experiences regarding the current situation. However, it is important to develop a coherent strategy for the future.
The problem of fake doctors in Pakistan has also taken a serious turn. People usually blame doctors for worsening the disease. However, it should be cleared that doctors never make the disease worse. Fake doctors having clinics in the streets across the country are playing with the lives of the generous people. In Pakistan, 70 percent of fake doctors are treating patients, which led to further spread of the infection. Fake laboratories are also playing their part in spreading the virus further.
In the current situation, the positive thing is that the Government of Pakistan is making every possible effort to avert the coronavirus outbreak. Incentives and facilities are also being provided to those working for the prevention of coronavirus. Expensive treatment in Pakistan is due to tax rates. MRI machine in Pakistan is taxed as much as Land Cruise.
The government should further relax the taxes on health equipment. The government should also constitute an infection control body that will monitor various diseases that are spreading around the world.
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