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Sunday 5th December 2021 / 1 Jamadilawal 1443

Cop resigns after failing to get holidays to look after his ailing mother

cop resign

ISLAMABAD: The constable of federal police has resigned after failing to get holidays to look after his cancer-stricken mother.

As per details, police constable named Syed Mohsin Naqvi Ballot No.C 573 had asked the SP headquarters for a day leave to look after his mother, who is battling with the deadly disease of cancer. After being humiliated and denied the leave, the gutted policeman tendered his resignation which copy has gone viral on the social media. 

Police Constable Syed Mohsin Naqvi in his resignation letter dated September 27, 2021
stated that the he is unable to perform his duties as he has been repeatedly denied and being humiliated to get offs from his department to look after his mother. 

The cop has been treating his mother from various hospital and despite showing the reports to the concerned authorities and later showed the same to the SP headquarters Syed Arif Hussian Shah, but he was denied.

The cop wanted to take leave from the department to get his mother treated, after performing his duty last night and continued to be humiliated in the offices till 5 pm on September 27.

The cop further said in his resignation that after giving so much years to the department, the behaviour of the high-ups has compelled him to resign from his job as a cop . Naqvi said he wants to inform the department about the process why the police personnel commit suicide.

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