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Coronavirus fear: Celebrities urge citizens to practice self-isolation

KARACHI: Pakistani celebrities were urged citizens to practice self-isolation amid the rising number of Coronavirus cases in the country.

Mahira Khan, Ali Rehman, Shaniera Akram and Mansha Pasha have appealed citizens to keep away from social interaction in order to control the spread of Coronavirus.
In her twitter post, Mahira Khan requested people to practice social isolation as much as possible. She wrote “Reminder- please practice social isolation as much as possible. This is important”.
“You can save the virus from spreading and save lives. And wash your hands. Hoping and praying for the world to get better, inshAllah. #CoronavirusOutbreak #coronavirusinpakistan,” Mahire wrote.

Ali Rehman also urged people to stay at home and said that by attending mass congregations people can risk their families.

“Protect yourself and others around you, above all. Stay at home. Pray at home, Allah is all merciful and will reward you the same Insha Allah. This is serious. By attending mass congregations you can risk infecting yourself and your families,” Ali shared.

Mansha Pasha wrote, “I’m seeing videos of people in Lahore at weddings where there’s dancing going on and a full-function hall. Yaar ab is Tarah tau na karo Confused face. #CoronavirusOutbreak #COVID2019 #StayAtHome.”

Shaniera Akram wrote that the only way to prevent Coronavirus is by practicing social distancing and maintaining cleanliness.

“The only way to effectively prevent the spread of #CoronaVirus is to assume you already have it. By practicing social distancing, cleanliness & hygiene you can play your part to protect others  #AssumeYouAlreadyHaveIt #SalivaVirus #PreventTheSpread,” Shaniera wrote.

With the latest increase, the number of total coronavirus cases in Sindh has jumped to 181. It may be noted that the number of coronavirus cases increased up to 254 in Pakistan. Sindh: 181, Punjab: 34, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa: 16, Balochistan: 16, Islamabad Capital Territory: four, Gilgit-Baltistan: three.

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