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Apple sets Sept 5 deadline for employees to return to office

Apple Inc (AAPL.O) has set a Sept. 5 deadline for corporate employees to return to office at least three days a week, a Bloomberg News report said. The company, which told its employees of the new plan on Monday, will

South Korea to pardon Samsung’s Lee, other corporate giants

SEOUL: Samsung’s de-facto leader secured a pardon of his conviction for bribing a former president in a corruption scandal that toppled a previous South Korean government, an act of leniency that underscored the tech company’s huge influence in the nation.

How high can you jump on other planets?

You have probably jumped hundreds of time during the course of your life but have you ever wondered how high can you leap on other planets? Probably not. Let me tell you anyway. You can easily calculate the height of

Google celebrates Pakistan’s Independence Day

KARACHI: Google is celebrating Pakistan’s 75th Independence Day today (Sunday) with a doodle of Frere Hall in Karachi. In a note about the importance of this historic day, Google said, “On this day in 1947, Pakistan gained independence and became

What is Pakistan’s number among the countries that use most smartphones?

In today’s modern era, it is not possible for anyone to live without a mobile phone. However, most of us are unaware of which country has the highest number of smartphones. Now here the question will arise in your heart

YouTube plans to launch streaming video service, WSJ reports

Alphabet Inc’s (GOOGL.O) YouTube is planning to launch an online store for streaming video services, the Wall Street Journal reported. The company has renewed talks with entertainment companies about participating in the platform, which it is referring to internally as

Google opposes Facebook-backed proposal for self-regulatory body in India

NEW DELHI: Google has grave reservations about developing a self-regulatory body for the social media sector in India to hear user complaints, though the proposal has support from Facebook and Twitter (TWTR.N), sources with knowledge of the discussions told Reuters.

Here’s what WhatsApp is planning on its new privacy features

WhatsApp has rolled out new privacy features including a way to hide your ‘last seen’ status from specific contacts. As per the new feature, users will be able to leave group chats silently, control who can see their online status,

Deepfake technology becoming increasing threat to world: Research

Deepfake technology is increasingly being used for cyber attacks and is now becoming a threat to the real world. This was revealed in a research. According to VMware’s annual Response Threat Report, the use of this face and voice-changing technology

Baidu CEO says EV arm’s autonomous driving tech will be ahead of Tesla

BEIJING:  Baidu’s electric vehicle (EV) firm Jidu Auto will be one-generation ahead of Tesla in terms of autonomous driving technologies, Baidu chief executive Robin Li said in a statement on Monday. “Our understanding of smart vehicles is that being electric is

WhatsApp to get ‘login approval’ feature similar to Instagram and Facebook

WhatsApp is reportedly working on a bunch of security features. As per reports, WhatsApp is now working on a login approval feature like Instagram. When you log in to your WhatsApp account from a new device, you will get a

Scientists race to reveal melting glaciers’ secrets

GALTÜR: Jumping from rock to rock to rock over a creek formed off Austria’s Jamtal glacier, scientist Andrea Fischer worries that precious scientific data will be irreversibly lost as the snow and ice melt faster than ever. “I couldn’t have

Musk says Twitter deal should go ahead if it provides proof of real accounts

Elon Musk said that if Twitter Inc. (TWTR.N) could provide its method of sampling 100 accounts and how it confirmed that the accounts are real, his $44 billion deal to buy the company should proceed on its original terms. “However,

French scientist accidently declares piece of sausage a star

A prominent French scientist has apologized for posting a photo of what he called ‘the closest star to the Sun’. Claiming the photo came from the James Webb Telescope, the scientist, Etienne Klein shared a photo on Twitter last week

What are online job opportunities available in Pakistan?

Science and technology have created a revolution all over the world, including in Pakistan, and numerous ways have been invented through which money can be earned through online jobs and home needs, as well as facilities, can be purchased. According

Facebook parent Meta set to raise $10 billion in bond debut

Facebook-parent Meta Platforms Inc (META.O) is set to raise $10 billion in its first-ever bond offering, as it looks to fund share buybacks and investments to revamp its business, according to two sources close to the deal. The offering, which

US crypto firm Nomad hit by $190 million theft

LONDON: U.S. crypto firm Nomad has been hit by a $190 million theft, blockchain researchers said on Tuesday, the latest such heist to hit the digital asset sector this year. Nomad said in a tweet that it was “aware of

Cryptoverse: Bitcoin beats the heat in a jumpin’ July

It’s been a good month for bitcoin – and we haven’t said that for a while. After months of freefall, it jumped more than 17% in July, its best performance since October. Ether rose 57%, its strongest monthly gain since

TikTok Creator Portal launched in Pakistan

KARACHI: TikTok has launched a Creator Portal in Pakistan, a one-stop shop for educational resources on content creation for creators on its platform. It will help creators dive deeper into modules such as storytelling, community building and creative effects, aimed

WhatsApp launches new feature

Instant-messaging platform WhatsApp has been providing more and more capabilities for group admins, giving them more moderation options. However, it looks like the service believes there’s still room for a lot more as admins are usually held responsible for a

Chinese booster rocket makes uncontrolled return to Earth

WASHINGTON: A Chinese booster rocket made an uncontrolled return to Earth on Saturday, leading US officials to chide Beijing for not sharing information about the potentially hazardous object’s descent. US Space Command “can confirm the People’s Republic of China (PRC)

Brazil asks WhatsApp to delay launch of new tool until January

BRASILIA: Brazilian prosecutors have called on messaging platform WhatsApp to delay the launch in Brazil of its new feature called Communities until January to avoid the spread of fake news during and immediately after the country’s election in October. The

Honduras launches ‘Bitcoin Valley’ in the tourist town of Santa Lucia

 People can pay for a slushie with crypto in the streets of “Bitcoin Valley,” a project in the Honduran tourist enclave of Santa Lucia through which the country has entered the digital currency trend. The small town in the mountains,

Chinese manufacturer unveils micro-inverter for Pakistan’s remote areas

BEIJING: The use of off-grid solar panels is increasing day by day in the rural areas of Pakistan, especially among the disadvantaged segments of society who cannot afford conventional means of lighting or large-scale renewable projects. These people simply buy

KP Police introduces mobile phone app for public’s convenience

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Police has introduced a mobile phone application for the convenience of the public. The helpline application launch ceremony was attended by Chief Secretary, IGP and senior officers, and civil society. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Police has introduced a mobile phone

Russia tells NASA space station pullout less imminent than indicated earlier

WASHINGTON: Russian space officials have informed U.S. counterparts that Moscow would like to keep flying its cosmonauts aboard the International Space Station (ISS) until their own orbital outpost is built and operational, a senior NASA official told Reuters. Taken together

CEO Binance reacts to Elon Musk selling his cryptocurrency holdings

Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon Musk has sold most of his cryptocurrency holdings, prompting a reaction from CEO Binance. Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao said that if someone buys or sells bitcoin, he does not think it will have a negative

Chinese astronauts set up new lab on space station

Astronauts entered the new lab module of China’s space station for the first time Monday, in a major step towards completing the orbital outpost by the end of the year. The station is one of the crown jewels of Beijing’s

NASA says no ‘official word’ from Russia on quitting ISS

WASHINGTON: The United States hasn’t received “any official word” from Russia on its just-announced plans to quit the International Space Station “after 2024,” a senior NASA official said Tuesday. “We haven’t received any official word from the partner as to

TikTok rolls out new features for enhanced user experience

The video-sharing platform TikTok announced the launch of several new features aimed at providing viewers with more ways to discover content, tailor their viewing experience to their personal preferences, and enjoy a safer experience for users of different ages.  The