Have you tried Trukista’s cheesy burger balls?

We all have eaten burgers but have you ever tried burger balls? Yes, burger balls! Because burgers are not enough for the Pakistani mood. A food truck named ‘Trukista’ is selling deliciously fried yet less greasy burgers at Karachi’s Malir

Indian styled gol gappe, a crispy snack filled with spicy tangy water

Golgappas. this word is enough to make your mouth feel watery. This well-rounded snack is one of the most popular multi-cultural snacks. There is no doubt that golgappa brings the spicy and tangy side of Pakistan together and why not?

Famous Indian ‘Vada Pav’ is the tastiest street food in Karachi

Famous Indian fast food ‘Vada Pav’ has become Karachi’s popular street food and why it shouldn’t? Who wouldn’t want to devour this deep-fried dish? Wrapped in a fluffy pav with the choicest spices, vada pav is best enjoyed when it’s

Try popular Memoni dish ‘Khausa’ by talented students

When it comes to delicious hotchpotch dishes, the Memoni dish ‘Khausa’ comes to mind. ‘Khow Suey’, ‘khawse’, or ‘Khao Suey’, no matter how you spell it, this broth of noodles, chicken, coconut milk, and curry is the best desi food

Karachiites can now enjoy Mumbai’s famous Pav Bhaji

It might sound clichéd, but food has no boundaries. If it satisfies your cravings and appetite, then who cares about the name and the origin. Just 300 metres from Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s birthplace, the narrow bylanes of Kharadar now

This deaf and mute youth sells biryani in Islamabad with an all deaf staff

ISLAMABAD: Talha Khan, who is deaf and mute, has become an inspiration for many others by selling homemade biryani at I-8 Markaz in the federal capital. The most interesting thing about his startup is that not only he, but all

Try this delicious cheesy Lava Pizza in Karachi

We are all fond of eating pizza. But have you tried a delicious double-layered cheesy ‘Lava Pizza’? Pizza shops have mushroomed across Karachi. You will find a pizza shop or kiosk in every street today. Karachiites love to eat pizza

The Most Milky Dessert ‘Rabri’

Rabri, a mouth-watering sweet, milky delight originated from India. The dessert is widely eaten at weddings and events across Pakistan.  Rabri is made by boiling milk on low heat for a long time until it becomes dense and changes its

Try this insanely delicious funnel cake

If you are ‘sweet-toothed’ and always on the quest for extremely rich and delicious and highly Instagram-able desserts, this Funnel Cake is for you. This new dessert shop popped up in Karachi’s Gulshan-e-Shamim and they are serving some truly unique

Try this spicy and scrumptious chana chaat in Karachi

The citizens of Karachi are fond of spicy and delicious chana chaat which can be found in every nook and corner of the city. ‘Chandni Chatkhara Foods’ situated in Shah Faisal Colony has been selling delicious chana chaat since 1965

Try this spicy and unique Mughlai Paratha

Just like the city itself the cuisine of Karachi is a mixture of numerous different influences. Many ethnic groups and traditions have contributed their flavors, spices and methods to create a unique collection of tantalizing foods that is on the

This mouth-watering Handi Karahi you should try at least once

No matter which restaurant you go to, there is always one dish that everyone in the family wants to order and that dish is no other than Chicken Karahi. Chicken karahi is one of the most authentic and one of

Muharram, niyaz and Haleem

Every year on the 10th of Muharram, the day of Ashura, Haleem as a tradition is cooked among Muslims, especially in Pakistan. Haleem is a preferred choice of food in Muharram. Indeed, it is an occasional dish but its demand

Meet visually impaired siblings who sell homemade foods

KARACHI: Ali Khan Tareen and Fizza Hussain, who are visually impaired siblings, have converted their disability into an opportunity. They are inspiring other differently-abled people to follow their passion. The siblings, who hail from Karachi, have started selling homemade traditional

These Delhi Sweet’s Kachoris are mouth watering

The city of lights not only offers a profound mix of different cultures but also tastes. There is no food on earth that you won’t find on the different streets of Karachi because one does not need an outlet to

Enjoy delicious, crispy pakoras this rainy season

The monsoon season has arrived and the rains are set to lash Karachi. The weather has turned pleasant after weeks of a hot and dry spell in the city. While we are making preparations for the rains to minimize damages,

The best Hyderabadi beef pulao in Karachi

When it comes to any special occasions, it’s never complete without the ultimate, delectable meaty mutton pulao! The toned-down flavors, with juicy, succulent meat, and a spoonful of some thick raita, you’ll be hard-pressed to not have a foodgasm just

Try this delicious rabri lassi in Karachi

Karachi is not only famous for its food but also drinks.  You not only find a delicious beverage but also some rather unique ones. Lassi is one of the most popular cold beverages during the hot summers. It is made

This deaf and mute juice seller is challenging disability stereotypes in Pakistan

Karachi has a wide variety of juice stalls and kiosks providing refreshing drinks in the scorching heat. There are many sellers who are working hard to sell a variety of juices and shakes but there is one stall owner who

Let’s have a ‘biryani’ break

The food culture of Karachi is extremely diverse. However, despite having so many choices available, Karachites prefer having biryani You need no occasion for it. Bored? order biryani. Busy? let’s have a biryani break. It’s Friday, it’s Biryani day, The

Rabri Doodh, newest obsession for Karachites

Rabri doodh is a traditional cold beverage with a creamy texture that works best in summers and keeps you refresh. Rabri is a sweetened condensed milk-based dessert when mixed with pure milk becomes an Indian item that is prepared from

Would you try a red or yellow burger?

We love to eat burgers and sandwiches? But would you like to eat a red burger or a yellow one? Two youngsters in Karachi have started selling colourful burgers which have become the newest fad in town.   Nestled in

Must have ‘Meetha’ On Meethi Eid; Try These Delicious Sweets

Eid-ul-Fitr, also known as ‘Meethi Eid’ is a beautiful festival and tradition celebrated every year after the holy month of Ramazan. This Eid ul-Fitr, due to coronavirus lockdown, many people scramble around and try to find delicious Mithai (sweer meats)

These Christians, Hindus are distributing Iftari for Muslims in Ramazan

Ramzan is a holy month for Muslims, however, the non-Muslim community in Pakistan also participates by arranging Iftari for Muslims to boost interfaith harmony and as a goodwill gesture. Pakistani Christians and Hindus provides free iftar on the roads of

This woman in Karachi sells Zinger burger for Rs80

KARACHI: Of the various fast food offerings available, one of the most ubiquitous in the city is the Zinger burger. However, low-salaried and middle-class people usually avoid heading towards expensive hotels and restaurants. Sharifa Aijaz runs a zinger food cart

Have you ever tried Mehmoodabad’s special ‘chikki mikki’?

Have you ever tried a chikki mikki? It tastes like pizza and is rolled in dough sheets? Chikki Mikki is a famous item in Ramzan and a treat for everyone. Situated at Mehmoodabad’s Block 6, the GR catering is selling

Try these savoury stuffed Hyderabadi Lukhmi for iftar

Let’s admit it, there’s one thing common on the minds of everyone during Ramazan and that is iftari. Dough-wrapped samosas filled with meat and vegetables, pakora fritters made from potatoes, mutton stews, sweet vermicelli milk pudding, and lots of dates

Delicious Bannu Beef Pulao is gaining popularity in Karachi

The residents of Karachi are highly fond of biryani which has becomes a tradition. Amid other rice dishes, pulao is also widely eaten in the food loving city. Bannu Beef Pulao is the latest food trend gaining popularity in Karachi.

Crispiest gol gappas, a treat for chatoras

Paani Puri is the perfect snack for anyone who takes pride in calling themselves a chatora. Karachi, being a metropolitan city, is full of spots selling the crispiest gol gappas. Meerut Chaat Gol Gappe can be declared as the pioneer

Have you ever tried Rabri kheer?

Desi meetha is an insatiable dessert. Yes, you read it right! No matter what, a pudding can’t be as satisfying as Gajar ka Halwa or a churros can’t take place of a Gulab Jamun. Talking about desi meetha, Kheer remains