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Unique and delicious ‘Dossa’ of Bahadurabad, Karachi

KARACHI: Most of the residents of Karachi are very fond of delicious food, if you too, then must try Indian Dossa which is available in Bahadurabad, Karachi since a long time. It is a South Indian dish which is quite

Have you tried Hawks Bay’s mouthwatering Shaheen Shinwari’s Karhai?

Now, whenever you plan a visit to the beach, there is no need to take home-cooked food and items because Shaheen Shinwari Restaurant at Hawksbay beach is providing one of delicious dishes with an excellent ambiance. The delicious Shinwari Karhai

Want to eat delicious ‘Halwa Puri’ on Hawksbay beach? We have a place for you

As we all know Karachiites love food and there’s plenty of variety when it comes to Karachi’s unique food. Already considering having a traditional ‘Halwa Puri’ in a serene environ on a beach? Well we have just the place for

Courageous woman sells delicious daal chawal in Karachi

Every other day we witness and hear stories of such great women who battle all odds in order to provide the best for their families. One such courageous lady of Karachi, Nazia Baji, sells delicious daal chawal. At a stall

These restaurants will BBQ your sacrificial animal’s meat

Muslims recently observed the festive occasion of Eid-ul-Azha around the world including in Pakistan. While this is a religious occasion, it is also an opportunity to eat some delicious meat dishes and barbeque. One can cook at home for your

Here are the restaurants that can cook with your qurbani meat

There was a time when eating outside in a restaurant was a joyous occasion for the food lovers, however, it seems almost impossible for a while as mostly people are busy living hectic lives. Have you heard the idea of

Don’t miss on spicy food if visiting Sohrab Goth cattle market

KARACHI: In the Sacrificial month of Zil-Hajj, cattle market in the city of Quid is an attractive destination for obvious reasons. And when people throng a place, the place has to offer something to eat, after all one has to

Try this spicy and unique Egg French Fries

French Fries are one of the most loved fast foods all over the world. They are the most common food item that appears repeatedly on the menus of diners, fast food restaurants, pubs and bars. Even though the most commonly

Bahria Town’s best Halwa Puri

In tradition and culture, like in other areas of life, food is an important part of social life. Each region and place has its own unique traditions and cultures and each of the three meals eaten in the morning, afternoon,

Try spicy whole goat Khaddi Kebab at Karachi’s Hawkes Bay

Khaddi Kebab is an interesting item of Balochi cuisine. It is a whole lamb or goat cooked underground by placing it in a fire pit until it is fully cooked. This whole Khaddi Kebab weighs almost 10 to 12 kilograms

This tasty channa pulao is being sold on a bike

For the past 12 years, residents of Gulshan-e-Iqbal have been flocking to KDA Market to buy a delicious hot plate of channa pulao (rich with chickpeas) which a youth sells on a motorcycle. Known as Mamu Pulao, the seller Junaid

3 Falsa juice spots for a refreshing summer

Summers in Pakistan brings scorching heat, humid weather, and heat strokes but also bring some absolutely delicious fruits and berries like falsa. These bitter and sweet berries are blended in sugar added with a pinch of white pepper to make

Sana Tanvir runs a delicious ‘Chinese Mobile Restaurant’ with her family

A woman, along with her husband and children, has launched a mobile restaurant in Karachi, which offers a variety of Chinese foods. Located at University road, a woman named Sana Tanvir sells delicious Singaporean rice and a variety of Chinese

Cricketer Ruman Raees serves Iftari during Ramazan

During the holy month on Ramazan, we can see a large number of people and charities organizing Iftari on the streets and roadsides across Karachi. Cricketer Ruman Raees has also been on the forefront in providing Iftari to the faithful

Karachi: Unique dishes offered for people in Iftar

KARACHI: Every year with the arrival of Ramadan in the megacity of Karachi, Iftar is arranged for the fasting people on the streets and highways. However, unique food dishes are also offered to the fasting people by an unknown trust.

Dhorajis ‘Gappa Ghotala’, a must try dish

KARACHI: During Sehri and Iftar in the Holy month of Ramadan, a large number of citizens are fond to have common as well as spicy foods, including samosas, fritters, yogurt and goulash, but having gol gappas is a fun. A

Have you tried Dhoraji’s delicious Ice Cream Thali?

You don’t need an introduction to food thalis, but mention an ‘Ice cream Thali’ and it is sure to elicit ‘A what?’ But we assure you, it does exist and it tastes good. A shop in Karachi’s Dhoraji area has

Dhoraji’s Chaat Thali: A must try for chatoras

KARACHI: In Karachi’s Dhoraji area, the chaat thali (plate) containing various delicious dishes is attracting masses of the metropolis, who are enjoying the spicy taste of the chaat. People who are fond of chaat say that Chaat Dilpasand Chaat House

Delicious halwa puri at Karachi Super Highway

When it comes to a scrumptious breakfast particularly on a  lazy weekend, there is no option than a tasty and delicious serving of halwa puri. We visit a new spot which not only provides hygienic quality halwa puri but it

Indian crispiest gol gappas, a must try for chatoras

Paani Puri is the perfect snack for anyone who takes pride in calling themselves a chatora. Karachi, being a metropolitan city, is full of spots selling the crispiest gol gappas. Meerut Chaat Gol Gappe can be declared as the pioneer

Delicious buffet in Karachi for just Rs500

Have you ever tried a buffet which is offering a huge delicious variety of dishes for just Rs 500? Well, it’s a dream no more for people living in Karachi. Based on the Defence phase 2 extension,  Fajar Sea Foods

Try Chandan kebabs and Bihari club sandwich in Karachi

Kebabs are a delicacy that has existed for many centuries and with each different culture, a new kabab recipe was always created. Kababs itself have many different versions and types, just like chandan kebab. Chandan (or sandalwood) kabab has been

The Best Hyderabadi Yakhni Pulao in Karachi

As we all know Karachi is diverse when it comes to food as the city caters a unique and uncountable variety. Similarly, there are thousands of tasty foods available all over Karachi city with unique and alternative recipes to make,

Would you like to try mutton yakhni soup?

‘Winter is not a season it’s a celebration’, this cannot be rightly defined without talking about the hot delicious aromatic soups K-town offers this season. Soup is enjoyed during the winters throughout Pakistan, but it has become a tradition in Karachi.

Meet the inventors of Peshawari ice cream

Karachi is known for a wide range of mouth-watering delicacies and dishes. But there is one thing which has stood the test of time – Peshawari ice cream. Yes, Peshawari ice cream was born in Karachi, not Peshawar.  Three brothers,

This delicious Hyderabadi pulao is a must try

Karachi, the largest city in Pakistan, has a rich and diverse history, offering an overload options of culinary extravaganza. Its cultural melange and wide population’s food choice is reflected in the excellent restaurants offering a variety of cuisines from around

Try Machi Chawal, a popular Bengali dish in Karachi

The Bengali community has long and historic ties with the port city of Karachi. The community has its own cuisine and a wide variety of delicious dishes. Machi Chawal (literal meaning fish and rice) is a popular dish which is

Six delicious eateries Karachiites must try at Karachi Eats 2022

Karachi Eat 2022 recently kicked off and Karachiites are very much excited! Karachi’s one of the largest post-pandemic food festivals is finally happening! From Bana chips to Cheesecake shakes, here are the eateries you need to try at the Karachi

Things to look forward at Karachi Eat 2022

This year is as good as Boney M. – Sunny’s famous lyrics ‘The Bad Days Are Gone, The Bright Days Are Here’ and why it should be? One of the largest post-pandemic food festivals ‘Karachi Eats’ is finally happening! The Karachi Eat

Try delicious grilled prawn sticks this winter

With the ongoing cold weather after the recent rainfall, the consumption of fish and shrimps has certainly increased several times over. Prawns is a seafood delicacy consumed worldwide. But the spicy and tangy prawn skewers being sold on Karachi’s busy