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What are the objections of religious parties on Transgender Act? Exclusive talk with Samiul Haq Swati

What is the Pakistan Transgender Act 2018? What does this act have to do with LGBTQ? For whom this law has been passed, i.e., “eunuchs”, they are also condemning this act. Why? To elaborate this issue we invited Deputy Secretary

Exclusive talk with Wafaqul Madaris’s spokesperson over Ulemas’ visit to Afghanistan

The visit of the leaders of “Wafaqul Madaris Al-Arabiya Pakistan’’ is widely being discussed in national, international, and social media nowadays. In this regard, we talked to Mufti Abdul Quddus Mohammadi, the spokesperson of “Wafaqul Madaris Al-Arabiya Pakistan’’, who shed

Wish young boxers avoid arduous path I have treaded: Olympian Rasheed Baloch

I won’t wish young boxers to suffer on an arduous path I have treaded to reach the top. A lot has to be done to promote boxing in Pakistan. Pakistani-born New Zealand’s boxer Abdul Rasheed Baloch, also known as ‘Black

Wrestling needs more government support, says Jordon Hurr

KARACHI; Young kids and teenagers generally have quite an interest in the sport of wrestling, especially international competitions as well as pro-wrestling. Today, we have invited Jordon Hurr to our show Sports Time. Jordon has performed not only in the

Want to set 100 world records for Pakistan: Martial artist Rashid Naseem

Who doesn’t know world-renowned record holder martial artist Rashid Naseem? He holds 78 world records individually while his daughter and father have also entered their names in the Guinness Book of World Records. MM News spoke to Rashid Naseem, an

Sports federations give titles to their own people: Bodybuilder Zohaib Alam

Sport is a form of recreation as well as physical fitness which teaches discipline for a healthy mind it is necessary to have a healthy body. Nowadays, the trend of bodybuilding is very much emerging among the youth. One such

Education is guarantor of development for nation and society: Anam Laghari

The services of NGOs in Pakistan do not need any introduction, these organizations are striving for change in society through services in all walks of life. One such NGO, ‘I Help – Touching Souls’, is offering its services through the

Who eats dishes made on cooking shows? Chef Rida Aftaf reveals all

Everyone loves to eat good and delicious food and for this purpose people always not only discuss new recipes at home but also try it. Every housewife tries to cook delicious foods and gets admiration from the family members. That

Harassment depends on woman’s way of talking to people: Blooming Lane CEO Tania Rogatia

People in Pakistan are becoming more and more interested in decorating their homes and for that, they hire an interior decorator even for their smallest event. The number of businesses doing decoration work is also increasing in the country on

No competition with any TikToker, not even Jannat Mirza: Aqsa Kinjhar Leela Jamali

After the showbiz industry all over the world including Pakistan, social media has made its mark and TikTokers are becoming stars all over the world. TikTok has given birth to countless celebrities in the country. One such name is Aqsa

Bodybuilding hobby of rich, not poor says national champion Shahzad Qureshi

Sport is very important in human lives as it teaches mental and physical health as well as discipline and keeps a person away from negative activities. Sports activities are gearing up in Pakistan and if you look only at bodybuilding,

Money the main reason music bands break up, says singer Rahim Shah

Pakistan has a prominent place in the world for its colorful culture, architecture, customs, delicious food, language and clothing. One of the most prominent field, where Pakistanis are well renowned all over the world, is Music. Pakistan is a land

In conversation with celebrity chef Shazia Noor

Who doesn’t just like to eat tasty and delicious food and also make them? The mushrooming of eateries, cafes, restaurants, and growing popularity of food shows have made cooking a career choice. Chef Shazia Noor is known for her food

Read some healthy tips from Hina Anis – nutritionist and licensed aesthetician

We may have been trying to eat better for years and just not had the motivation to put it into practice — we can now give it our full attention. As we begin to return to some sort of normality

Aggressive behaviour is a secret weapon of fast bowlers: Saif Ali Ghauri

Cricket is the most popular sport in Pakistan and besides producing many famous players in world cricket, Pakistan also played its full part in fast bowling. From Fazal Mahmood to Naseem Shah, Malik Khudada Dam, dozens of famous players with

Rendezvous with famous TikToker Rabeeca Khan

The importance of social media nowadays cannot be denied, but who is not aware of the popularity of TikTok and YouTube? Millions of users worldwide use these apps. In Pakistan too, young people are entertaining millions of viewers through these

Meet Muhammad Waseem – the boxing pride of Pakistan

Boxer Muhammad Waseem, also called ‘Falcon’ for his swift boxing style, has made Pakistan proud in international arena. Call it a wonder as he stands tall with the record of being the only Pakistani holding the World Boxing Council’s silver

PM Imran only hope for Karachi people, says MPA Bilal Ghaffar

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) came to power after 22 years of political struggle and in this long political effort, many eminent personalities joined the Imran Khan-led convoy. One such name is Bilal Ghaffar, who joined Tehreek-e-Insaaf in 2010 for a ‘change’

Popularity of arm wrestling increasing in Pakistan: Adil Mujaddidi

Sports are universal for their versatile benefits. Not only can sports help to strengthen bones and tone muscles, but they can also help people improve their academic performance and teach them the value of teamwork and discipline. When it comes

Meet Naqeeb Ullah – Pakistani boxer who won gold medal with a fractured hand

Winning gold medals in national games is a dream of many athletes. Only the players participating in the National Games succeed in giving a new identity to Pakistan in the international competitions. Naqeeb Ullah, a talented and young boxer of

TLP will be the kingmaker in next general election: Mufti Qasim Fakhri

Recently, the federal cabinet revoked its earlier decision of declaring the Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan (TLP) a “proscribed” organisation under the country’s anti-terrorism law after it committed that it would abide by the Constitution and the laws of the country. TLP chief

Those who go beyond hard work and dedication in showbiz do not get a legitimate place, Irfan Motiwala

It is considered normal to laugh at laughing faces but the task of making people laugh is difficult. Nature has endowed the Pakistan showbiz industry with versatile actors where artists who spread happiness on people’s faces with their unconventional acting

Requirements have changed for success in showbiz: Ayaz Khan

Pakistan’s film industry may not be as old or experienced as Hollywood or Bollywood but it has a 74-year legacy and has produced some talented artists. One such person is Ayaz Khan who made a mark with his dashing good

Only 1% of businesses shifted to e-commerce: Hamza Abdul Rauf

The Telemart brand belongs to e-commerce which is engaged in buying and selling millions of items online and offline in various categories including electronics. The field of e-commerce is a relatively new and untouched concept for Pakistan while the western

Cricket Board should also organize events for disabled players: Malik Sher Khan

Pakistan and cricket have become necessary, every young man full of enthusiasm for the homeland dreams of becoming a cricketer in his eyes but most young people fail to put their intentions into practice and there are many who are

Quality of govt hospitals should be improved to restore public confidence: Khair un Nisa

Nurses are the underappreciated heroes of the healthcare system. They provide over 90 percent of the healthcare in the world but are barely thought of when it comes time to thank our health providers. Along with the services of nurses,

No need to worry, govt is making policies for future: PTI MNA Aftab Siddiqui

In the past, politics in Pakistan was limited to a few families or names, but the PTI buried the old traditions and introduced many new faces who follow the thoughts and philosophy of Prime Minister Imran Khan. Aftab Hussain Siddiqui,

No one can stop Pakistan from regaining its lost glory in sports: Qudsia Raja

There is no doubt that Pakistan has immense talent in sports. Despite the lack of support and official recognition, our athletes are making a name for themselves and their nation. Pakistan women have also shown their talent in sports. One

Govt’s non-cooperation is a major obstacle in automobile sector: Sabir Sheikh

Today the whole world is in dire straits due to the problems of environmental pollution and the leaders of the world are united to save the world from environmental pollution, while the whole world is moving towards devices for the

State does nothing for people in return of taxes: Ayaz Memon Motiwala

The Memon community has played a pivotal role in Karachi’s economic development. The community is prominent everywhere in the welfare work done in the city, while the Memon community has also been an important part of the country’s politics. One