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Meet Zehra Hussain, Pakistan’s first body image activist

Body shaming is a global problem. The West has somehow started accepting it but being a plus-size in Pakistan is still an issue as people always end up giving unsolicited advice. Zehra decided to stand against the trend and speak

Stardom made me more humble: Haddy Firdousi

Rising star Haddy Firdousi’s journey towards becoming a TV celebrity was the result of innate passion. He is the new heartthrob in the media industry of Pakistan. Firdousi attracted fans with his friendly personality and captivating performance in  ‘Hari Hari

Mental health is just as important as physical health: Shahzad Malik

Author of ‘Dare To Be You’, Shahzad Malik has inspired many through his book that brings focus to mental health challenges faced by an individual. MM News spoke to the author of Pakistan’s first self help book to find out more. 

Expect a spy thriller soon: Omar Shahid Hamid on his new novel

Omar Shahid Hamid’s writings have captivated readers across the country dealing with underground terror networks, corrupt politicians and militants. He is a serving officer of the police force for the past 17 years, working in Counter-Terrorism Department before taking a

Feminism is a personal choice: Bina Shah on identifying herself as a Feministani

Bina Shah is a writer, author and columnist who has established herself as one of the foremost feminist and cultural commentators in the country. She has written extensively about Pakistani culture, women’s rights and education for girls. Bina Shah is

No intention of joining politics, will continue serving humanity: Zafar Abbas

Many people have dedicated their lives to serving humanity from Abdul Sattar Edhi, Rizwan Chippa and Sarim Burney by setting up their renowned welfare organizations. Among them is the young and energetic social activist Zafar Abbas who set up the

Yoga is for everyone: Zarmina Faisal on yoga, mindfulness and more

Yoga has been around for centuries and is fast gaining popularity in Pakistan too. Many see it as a means to stay fit, while others turn to the mat for a peace of mind.  We spoke to certified yogi and

Expressing solidarity not enough to solve Kashmir dispute, says former diplomat

There are a few personalities who have served the nation in different fields. Dr Jamil Ahmed is one of such esteemed figures in our country. He started his career in the Pakistan Army and due to his dedication, perseverance and

Provide incentives to overcome economic crisis: Mirza Ikhtiar Baig

Mirza Ikhtiar Baig is a renowned industrialist and businessman with over thirty years of experience in various sectors of Pakistan. He is the Chairman of Baig Group operating in diversified fields in Pakistan, UAE and other countries. He is also

Awareness isn’t enough: Salman Sufi on fighting gender inequality and more

Salman Sufi is an award-winning public policy and development specialist working to battle gender inequality in Pakistan. He has introduced dozens of historic reforms to counter gender inequality and change the lives of women today. His achievements include establishing the

People’s trust in Jinnah Hospital is our success: Dr. Seemi Jamali

History has proved that no society can progress without the participation of women. Just like other developed nations, women in Pakistan too, are making strides everywhere in the field. The intelligent and hardworking women of our nation are moving forward

Nepotism is in every industry: Azfar Jafri

From blockbuster ‘Sher Dil’ to the hit romantic-comedy ‘Parchi’, Azfar Jafri has directed one of the most popular films in Pakistani cinema. Azfar Jafri made his debut with his horror film ‘Siyaah’, and later in 2013 rose to more prominence

Can’t blame establishment to cover up rape: Jami Moor

On 29th October 2019, Pakistan’s critically acclaimed filmmaker Jamshed Mahmood, popularly known as Jami Moor, in an attempt to protect the #MeToo movement from being derailed, opened up about his own sexual abuse at the hands of a media giant.

Nothing creative about a perfectly round roti: Chef Aisha Abrar

Aisha Abrar became a chef for her love of food. Her wonderful sense of humour makes her a unique cook with an amazing eye for detail and a penchant for creativity.  As a host and as a chef, Aisha Abrar has

I don’t consider myself a typical politician: Syma Nadeem

In our patriarchy society Syma Nadeem breaks the stereotype that women have little space politics. The talented MNA is outspoken, practical, and dedicated to what she does. While taking an oath on 13th August 2018, she promised was to serve

Maryam dangerous, Bilawal clueless: candid conversations with Ali Zaidi

Ali Haider Zaidi needs no introduction. He is currently serving as the Minister for Maritime Affairs and is a senior member of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf. Elected to the National Assembly from Karachi in 2018 general elections, Ali Zaidi was inducted

‘I will dance and no one can stop me’ says Sheema Kermani

Bold yet graceful, Pakistan’s renowned classical dancer has made it her mission to empower oppressed women and fight against injustice. Defying acts of terrorism Sheema Kermani performed at Lal Shahbaz Qalandar’s shrine merely a day after a blast killed 85

The man behind Iqra University: Hunaid Lakhani on making futures brighter

From education to politics, Hunaid Lakhani, founder and former chancellor of Iqra University has established a platform where youth from all walks of life can prosper. After graduating in Business Administration from American College, Los Angeles in 1997, Lakhani attended

How Pakistan’s Mir became Wall Street’s MAK

Mir Mohammad Ali Khan became the youngest Muslim banker to make his mark on Wall Street. At the age of 29, he was chairman and founder of an investment bank in the US. Khan has written numerous articles and lectures

Speaking up and writing well: Mehr Tarar tells us how it’s done

When writer Mehr Tarar holds a pen, it indeed becomes mightier than the sword. Born and raised in Lahore, Mehr Tarar is one of Pakistan’s leading columnists today. With a postgraduate degree in literature, she has written for numerous papers

Meet Areeba Zeeshan, co-founder of ‘Machine Sells’

Female entrepreneurs in Pakistan are making a splash in the male-dominated world of business. We spoke to Areeba Zeeshan about her journey on establishing her startup ‘Machine sells’, a Business to Business machine trading platform where you can buy, sell