DG College Sindh writes to FIA against fake website offering admissions

Karachi: A fake online website has been activated to cheat students in the name of admission in colleges across Sindh, Director General Colleges Sindh has written to FIA Cyber ​​Crime Circle Karachi to take action against the fake website. There

FIA registers two cases for financial irregularities in PPL

KARACHI: FIA has registered two cases for illegal recruitments, promotions and award of contracts in Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL), while acting director PPL and former GM Project have also been arrested. According to the details, FIA Corporate Crime Circle Karachi

Hazardous betel nuts being cleared on ‘fake lab reports’

KARACHI: It has been revealed that fake lab reports were used for port clearance of harmful betel nuts. According to the details, heavy bribes are allegedly being paid to senior officials of customs and police in the transfer of unhealthy

Special audit of HEJ in Karachi University feared to be ‘recommended’

KARACHI: A special audit of Hussain Ibrahim Jamal Research Institute at Karachi University has been prepared. In the past, the audit authorities had been giving reports of “all good” and it is feared the same again.  According to details, Hussain

Illegal water hydrants continue operating in Karachi’s Qayyumabad

KARACHI: Illegal hydrants are still operating in Qayyumabad within the limits of Defence Police Station in Karachi. The letter issued by the police station to the water suppliers through tankers in Qayyumabad said that a person named Nadir had filed

VC Urdu University starts taking ‘incomplete decisions’ against rules

A series of illegal and controversial decisions again starts at the Federal University of Urdu as Vice-Chancellors hailing from Canada is not familiar with the rules and regulations of the university.  The new Permanent Vice-Chancellor of the University of Urdu,

Social Welfare Department registers case of harrasing 25 women after two years

KARACHI: The Cyber Crime Wing of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has registered a case of harassment faced by 25 female officers of the Social Welfare Department (Sindh Social Workers Welfare). Surprisingly, it took the company two years to file

KWSB: Corrupt officer again made in charge of bulk water line

KARACHI: Abdul Rahim Palijo, the most corrupt officer in Karachi Water and Sewerage Board (KWSB) has been re-appointed as Executive Engineer of Hub Trunk Main (HTM) 66-inch diameter main line. The 18th-grade officer has also illegally set up a dairy

KMC hospitals: 245 doctors still deprived of promotions notified 12 years ago

KARACHI: Two hundred and forty-five doctors of Karachi Municipal Commission (KMC) hospitals are still waiting for the promotions which were notified some 12 years back. The administration has allegedly fixed rates for transferring files from hospitals to KMC. More than

After 18 years, Karachi University reinstates PhD admission

KARACHI: The current caretaker administration, after taking the charge, for the first time in 18 years restored a Ph.D admission for 3 months in the first ASRB session. The admin also selected erstwhile blacklisted Fida Muhammad as in-charge of European

50 ghost employees in KMDC unearthed

KARACHI: Millions of rupees are being embezzled in the name of ghost employees at Karachi Medical and Dental College (KMDC). Despite the report of the committee on financial irregularities, no action has been taken against the culprits. The rates of

Scam of thieving students’ refundable fees exposed in KU

KARACHI: A three-member group, headed by Kashif, Director of Finance Office Karachi University, has been found thieving the refundable fees of students by reopening the cheques illegally. The scandal came to the fore when two students lodged a complaint with

Clashes accelerate in FUUAST after student unions’ restoration

KARACHI: Tensions between Pakhtoon’s Students Federation (PSF) and the Imamia Students Organization (ISO) have accelerated in The Federal Urdu University of Arts, Science and Technology (FUUAST), after Sindh government passed a bill restoring student unions. Both student organizations have been

Two years on, CEMB of KU still deprived of a permanent director

KARACHI: The Center of Excellence in Marine Biology (CEMB) at Karachi University is without a permanent director for the last two years. Dr. Nasira Khatun, the current acting vice-chancellor, stepped down from her role as CEMB’s Director on Tuesday and

Court verdict on Riba: Can Pakistan’s economy be interest free?

KARACHI: The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) has appealed to the Supreme Court against the Federal Shariah Court`s decision about shifting to a Riba (interest) free economy. According to details, there has been widespread protest across the country against the

Anti-corruption tries to save main culprit of graft in KMC hospitals

KARACHI: Sindh Anti-Corruption conducted a raid to investigate financial irregularities in hospitals, and fraud in tenders under Karachi Municipal Corporation.  Records were seized from Karachi Institute of Heart Diseases and after the investigation, Director Senior Medical officer will also be

Sindh govt appoints ‘unqualified’ minister as Pro-Chancellor 

KARACHI: Sindh government has appointed Syed Zia Abbas Rizvi, PPP leader and provincial minister for Works and Services, as Pro-Chancellor of the Engineering and Technologies Universities. Usually, Minister for Universities is a Pro-Chancellor, but for the first time, the post

National Rehmat-ul-Alameen Authority comes to end

KARACHI: The incumbent government has ended the National Rehmat-ul-Alameen Authority, an institution set up by former Prime Minister Imran Khan on June 6 against its scheduled date of ordinance expiry on June 9, 2022. The present government had passed a

Dozens of errors found in adverstiment released by Urdu University

KARACHI: Dozens of errors have come to light in the advertisement for vacancies given by Dr. Zarina, Acting Registrar, Urdu University, which has opened the floodgates of her expertise in office affairs. Mistakes are being widely criticized on social media.

Assistant Professor fired for identifying prohibited weapons with KU KIBGE student

KARACHI: Assistant Professor Muhammad Kazim Ali of Karachi University KIBGE in a plea to Minister for Universities and Board Muhammad Ismail Rahu has revealed that he is being targeted and victimized for pointing out a student, who was holding a

SBT blacklists teachers over controversial refugee question

KARACHI: Sindh Board of Technical (SBT) has blacklisted the paper setter/moderators who framed the controversial question regarding refugees in Islamic Studies/Study and Ethics paper in the Sindh Technical Board exam. The controversial question had created a stir on social media

SBT gets slammed for inhumane exam question about refugees

Karachi: The question about “Refugees arrival creating problems” in the Ongoing Examinations of the Sindh Board of Technical Education for 2022, the Diploma of Associate Engineer 3rd Year’s Islamic studies paper has created quite a stir on social media. As

SP Railways removed over corrupt practices disclosed by MM News

KARACHI: Pakistan Railways on Monday removed Superintendent of Railway Police (SRP) Kausar Abbas over corruption charges and gave the provisional charge of the post to Qaiser Bashir Makhdoom. The action was taken on the order of Inspector General (IG) Railway

Railways Polices suspends SRP team members removed over corruption

KARACHI: Ten members of suspended acting Superintendents of Railways Police (SRP) Kausar Abbas’s team were removed over corruption charges on Thursday, however, no action has been taken so far against SHOs City and Cantt, who are the key players in

Karachi University rewards private banks over SB in violation of Sindh govt order

KARACHI: In a blatant violation of government instructions, University of Karachi has been conducting business through private banks instead of Sindh Bank, the practice inflicted financial harm on the provincial government and institutions, unearthed MM News investigation.  Contrary to government

53 Railway police employees’ transfers, postings suspended over reports of bribery

KARACHI: Orders for transfer and posting of 53 officers and employees of Railway Police have been suspended after reports of the alleged involvement of bribery in the matter. Inspector General Police (IGP) Railway after taking notice of the reports of

Urdu University administration takes important decisions

KARACHI: Some important decisions have been taken in the second sitting of the 48th session of the Senate of Federal Urdu University of Arts, Sciences & Technology (FUAAST). Four members were absent in the meeting, while it has been decided

Efforts underway to appoint controversial professor Dr Sarim at Urdu University

KARACHI: The second session of the 48th session of the Urdu University Senate was held on Saturday, June 18. Academic matters were on the agenda of the Senate session of the Urdu University, however, a controversial issue was also placed

EOBI’s BoT working despite passage of seven years to tenure

KARACHI: Due to alleged negligence of the government, the EOBI board is in existence despite the passage of seven years to its tenure.  Several key posts, including the chairman, have fallen vacant, due to which deputation and junior officers are

KWSB launches grand operation in Ayub Goth against water theft

KARACHI: The Anti-Theft Cell of Karachi Water Board conducted a grand operation near Muhammadi Piala Hotel of Godhra Society in Ayub Goth area of ​​Site Super Highway. According to details, the action was taken by the KWSB in the first