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Meet Navy seaman who plays melodious tunes on flute

Yusuf Khan by profession is associated with the Merchant Navy, but making flues and playing it with great skill is his hobby. MM News arranged a meeting with Yusuf Khan to explore his talent and his story in front of

Bait al-Hikmah Library: Home to some of the world’s rare books

Hakim Muhammad Saeed once stated that “It has been my goal to prepare Pakistani youth for the difficulties of the future. I would like to see the youth studying at our campuses to develop the qualities of devotion, love, determination

Al-Asif Square: A mini Afghanistan in Karachi

Afghanistan is our neighbouring country with whom almost every Pakistani is familiar when it comes to living, culture, traditions, food and other things. If you want to relive the Afghani culture, you don’t need to visit Kabul, Al-Asif Square in

Cold weather boosts sell of leather jackets in Karachi

With the passage of time, the intensity of cold is increasing in Karachi due to climate change and the demand for leather jackets is also increasing due to severe cold. With the arrival of the new year 2023, new styles

Ejaz Rafiq: A blindfolded hairstylist with magical skills

Having a new haircut in new and unique ways is a common hobby among today’s young generation.  You may have seen hair stylists in various embellished styles but here we are introducing to you to an expert hair stylist in

Here is how you can get treated with colors

There are many treatments and ways to deal with diseases in the world. Allopathy, homeopathy and Greek method of treatment are the most popular among the international medical and health-related methods of treatment, but apart from them, there are countless

Meet Aslam, who makes boats with cardboard, plastic

Almighty Allah has given every human being some kind of ability that makes him or her unique from other human beings, if the ability is used in a proper manner, it can bring the individual a distinct identity in the

An exemplary school in Karachi that provides quality education to poor at nominal fee

There are many institutions in the country which are busy in welfare work in different fields and fulfill the needs of any poor populated area in different fields including health and education. One such enviable institution in the field of

Dalfa Cattle Show begins at Expo Center Karachi

The second edition of the Dalfa Cattle Show at Expo Center Karachi started from 30th December 2022 and will continue till 1st January 2022. The cattle show also organizes competitions between high-breed cattle, cultural and traditional programs, flower show, bird

Mealworm business: How Karachi’s youth is earning millions from a unique idea

Unique ideas have always been popular in every field from literature to society, then if the uniqueness of the thought and idea is connected with the business, and along with this creativity, such ideas can turn into money. Arbab Hassan,

Ikram Ullah, a poor cobbler of Karachi, who has a melodious voice

Pakistan is a country that is full of talent, the country has a large number of youths who are endowed with natural abilities but due to limited resources they cannot take advantage of this talent. One such name is Ikram

Beautiful waterfall at Kidney Hill Park attracts general public

KARACHI: Waterfalls coming out of mountains in Ahmed Ali Kidney Hill Park have caught people’s attention as the Park has been completely transformed in a unique way. The border fall here has been named (Benzir Border Fall). The in-charge of

Booklovers Heaven: Karachi International Book Fair attracts large crowds

The 17th five-day Karachi International Book Fair (KIBF) organized by the Pakistan Publishers and Booksellers Association (PPBA) and the National Book Foundation (NBF) is underway at the Expo Centre Karachi. As many as 150 leading publishers and booksellers from Pakistan

Pakistan first female architect’s plan for cheap, safe and eco-friendly houses for flood victims

Yasmin Lari is Pakistan’s first woman architect. She has designed many Pakistan’s most important and beautiful buildings, including the landmark FTC Building in Karachi. She is the elder sister of Nasreen Jalil, a well-known female politician of Karachi. The services

Lyari girls’ journey to freedom through cycling

Karachi’s Lyari is famous throughout the country for its negative image due to the gang war. On hearing the name of Lyari, dense slums, narrow streets, poor sanitation, backwardness and even the fear of drugs and beatings, full of uncertainty

Why are houses being demolished in Mujahid Colony? Thousands rendered homeless

Karachi: An anti-encroachment operation was launched in Mujahid Colony area in the Metropolis a few days back, during which dozens of houses were demolished, rendering numerous families homeless, leaving them with no option but come to the streets. A team

Why did private bank fire transgender employee? Haya shares her story with MM News

KARACHI: Pakistan’s first transgender in the banking sector, Haya Khan, was fired by the private bank when its management came to know that she was not a male but a transgender. MM News contacted Haya Khan to find out the

Dar-ul-Sukun: Pakistan’s only institution providing best support to disabled children

Like many other less literate and especially poverty-stricken societies in the world, people with disabilities are generally not accepted in Pakistani society. Due to the lack of means and management of their treatment, education, technical training and livelihood, disabled people

This bio-energy stove is your solution to no gas

The increase of population in the country is resulting in the decreasing resources, and like other necessities, gas reserves too depleting fast compared to the large scale demand of the growing population. The gas crisis in Pakistan has been happening

Pakistanis living in Australia provide branded items for flood affectees

KARACHI: Pakistani nation is the one which does not leave its countrymen alone in hard times, of which there are many examples before us, whether it is earthquake disaster or flood victims, the whole nation unites and fulfills its duty.

Meet the fancy chicken business king of Karachi

Establishing a successful business and making money is the dream of every youth. Asjad Khan, a young man from Karachi is an example for the youths who want to establish their businesses but don’t have a big amount for this.

Football fever grips Lyari as World Cup begins in Qatar

The FIFA World Cup has begun in spectacular fashion in Qatar, a country of barely 3 million people and one of the world’s biggest producers of natural gas, who has spent lavishly to organize the mega event. New stadiums cost

Fourth Adab Festival with climate change theme to open on Nov 26

KARACHI: With the theme of climate change, the fourth edition of two-day Adab Festival will open at the lush and vast garden of Karachi’s Frere Hall on November 26. Ameena Saiyid, Founder and Director and Shama Askari, Director, Adab Festival,

‘Rashdi artists’ pay tribute to Mohammad Rizwan by making his sketch in sand

Karachi: The youths who made a ‘sand sketch’ of famous Indian cricketer Virat Kohli made the ketch of Pakistani cricketer Mohammad Rizwan to pay him a tribute. Samir Baloch, a Rashidi artist from Gadani, while talking to MM News, said

First documentary film on Indus River completed

Even in this modern age, rivers have the same importance as they had before the beginning of modern times, but today the existential utility and importance of rivers has increased a lot. The Indus River is the largest river of

Wall of Thoughts: A unique and new art at Karachi Biennale

KARACHI: Nowadays there is no dearth of people who create or are interested in different types of art, keeping this in mind we visited a unique art called Wall of Thoughts at Karachi Biennale to check out the features that

Karachiites rejoice as Electric buses hit Karachi roads

Pakistan’s first electric bus service has been launched in Karachi comprising “completely environment-friendly” fleet of electric vehicles. These buses are capable of covering a distance of 240 kilometers on a charge of 20 minutes. They will take passengers to their

Karachi Biennale: A perfect nursery to rouse creativity through a combination of art and technology

Karachi Biennale is being held from October 31st to November 11th at nine locations in the port city with the message of “develop creativity within yourself by utilizing the combination of art and technology.” In this excellent exhibition, artists and

Tiger Martial Arts Academy promoting healthy activities in Karachi

Martial arts is a gaming art, it has always been an important source of entertainment as well as physical and mental health which is why martial arts are given special importance everywhere in the world. Martial arts are the main

‘Pop Shop’ exhibition: A revolutionary step to facilitate women’s cottage industry

Business and economy are dominated by men everywhere in the world, however, with the passage of time and the increase in education and awareness, now women are also confidently showing their skills and abilities in the field of business and