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Absar Ahmed: the collector, preserver of Pakistani national songs

National songs play a vital role in nation’s unity and patriotism. While it can be a tool to revive the nationalism in the country, it also provides emotional strength to the people against the enemy. No one can deny the

‘Mokib’: The unique tradition to serve ‘Mourners’

Mourning the martyrs of Karbala is a long-standing custom of the devotees of the Ahl-al-Bayt (family of the Prophet PBUH). This tradition is based on pure affection for the Prophet’s family. The centuries-old tradition is being carried forward by the

Pakistani boxer ready to go to Thailand for fight despite financial difficulties

Pakistani boxer Nadir Baloch is ready to fly to Thailand for a professional fight despite financial difficulties, for which he has worked hard and practiced, his determination, courage and enthusiasm are clearly reflected in his conversation. Nadir Baloch is determined

Commuters’ ordeal continues as flooding in Korangi nullah leads to road closure

The heavy downpour during the ongoing monsoon has inundated parts of Karachi that made people go through quite an ordeal as they faced severe difficulties in transportation in the wake of urban-flooding. The roads of the metropolis presenting a view

Allah’s name on bull face: Citizens rush to cattle market to see the miracle of nature

KARACHI: Citizens of Karachi flock from far and wide to see the bull, which has the name of Allah written on his face naturally. This miracle bull is present in “Mama G Cattle Farm” at Suhrab Goth cattle market. The

Meet Sidra Khan-first female trader in Karachi’s Suhrab Goth cattle market

KARACHI: Sacrificial Animals from across the country are brought for sale before Eid-ul-Adha at Asia’s largest cattle market located in the Suhrab Goth area of Karachi. This is a temporary cattle market, set up every year on the occasion of

Peoples Bus Service: PPP’s gift to citizens of Karachi

As we all know PPP has just started a People’s Bus Service in Karachi, which is benefiting a large number of citizens. The initiative was introduced by Bilawal Bhutto Zardari and has 7 routes. At present, in the first phase,

Meet Alisha, a courageous Karachi teenager who drives rickshaw to run home

Alisha Jameel is a courageous Karachi teenage girl who drives a rickshaw to meet her family expenses. In an exclusive talk with MM News, the 17-year-old said that she was studying when suddenly her father fell ill and the family’s

Pink breed goats attracting buyers in Karachi cattle market

Eidul Adha is approaching nearer and the cattle markets in the country have been decorated to attract buyers. Some sacrificial enthusiasts have already turned to the market to buy animals. The center of attention of all these people has become

This adorable cow is only 22 inches tall

There is no doubt that God has power over everything and a cow that is only 22 inches is one of His miracles.  The owner of the 22-inch cow, Zohaib, told MM News that there is no such thing as

This Pakistani student has built a device for blind people to see the world

KARACHI: A talented Pakistani student has developed a device for blind people through which they can recognize anything. Talking to MM News, a student named Mohammad Hamza Khan said that he has developed a device called ‘In Vision Eye Device’.

How many corruption charges is Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif facing?

Two days earlier, Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) President Shehbaz Sharif was elected as the 23rd prime minister of Pakistan, marking his return to power as premier as a pinnacle of his relentless efforts against the former government. As President Arif

Sindh starts vaccination against lumpy skin disease

KARACHI: Sindh government has started free of cost vaccination of cows against lumpy skin disease to control the outbreak which has claimed the lives of several livestock in Sindh especially in Karachi. A farm owner, while talking to MM News

Skilled graphic designer jobless due to his rare bone disease

Faizan Bari from is an exceptionally skilled graphic designer but no one is willing to hire him due to his health condition as he suffers from a rare bone disease. Speaking to MM News, Faizan Bari, who hails from Karachi,

‘No shortcut to success,’ says winner of Mr. Pakistan

The World Fitness Federation organized Mr Mr. Pakistan Bodybuilding Competition 2022 on March 23 in which bodybuilders from different cities participated in a display of strength and muscle. Abdul Majeed was crowned the winner and given the title of ‘Mr.

Outbreak of Lumpy Skin Disease and doctors’ stance

KARACHI: There disease of Lumpy Skin Disease in the cows in Sindh has created serious concerns among the people and the people are in doubt whether to consume the meat or not. Since there is no vaccine available for the

National boxing champion Sherbaz Marri forced to work as laborer

KARACHI: Call it fate or irony, winner of several medals at national and provincial levels, Sherbaz Marri, is today forced to work as labourer to earn his livelihood.   Talking to MM News, Sherbaz Marri – who belongs to Quetta

Rs5 bn disbursed in Sindh under Kamyab Jawan Programme: Usman Dar

KARACHI: Assuring all opportunities under the recently-launched ‘Kamyab Jawan Programme’ to the youth, Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Youth Affairs, Usman Dar said that Rs5 billion rupees had been disbursed in Sindh out of Rs10 billion the minimum disbursement

Meet Sarah Gill, Pakistan’s first transgender doctor

Meet Sarah Gill, Pakistan’s first transgender doctor who at the age of 23 managed to pass the final examination of MBBS. Sarah Gill said that her journey of becoming a doctor was not easy. She used to perform at functions

Meet Naeem Shah – a murder convict who won prestigious scholarship

A murder convict imprisoned in Karachi’s Central Jail for the past 11 years has won a scholarship worth Rs1 million to undertake a degree in chartered accountancy for his outstanding academic performance. Shah has been serving a 25-year sentence at

Meet Sikandar whose disability did not stop him from work

Disability is not a weakness but a state of mind. It’s up to a person and his intentions to become weak or strong. Sikandar is the prime example of not letting go of opportunities because of his disabilities.  Sikandar, who

Murree tragedy: Six of a Pindi family laid to rest

RAWALPINDI: Amid heart-rending scenes, an ill-fated family of six from Rawalpindi who lost their lives in the Murree blizzard tragedy were laid to rest on Sunday. According to M.M News, thousands of people attended the funeral prayers held at Curry

Murree snowfall: At least 22 tourists died as rescue operation underway

RAWALPINDI: At least 22 tourists stranded in their vehicles succumbed to the extreme weather during a snowstorm in Murree as the federal government deployed personnel of the Pakistan Army and other civil-armed forces for rescue operations. Divisional Emergency Officer Rescue

New Year’s Eve: Karachi businesses to close at 8pm, Sea view to remain open

KARACHI: The city police have directed officials to ensure that all businesses and restaurants in the city are closed down by 8pm on New Year’s Eve (today). In a notification dated Oct 30 and addressed to all the deputy commissioners,

Liquor worth Rs216m seized by PMSA, Customs

KARACHI: Pakistan Maritime Security Agency (PMSA) and Customs confiscated liquor worth Rs216 million in a joint intelligence-based operation (IBO) off the coast of Karachi sea, said the security agency on Tuesday. “In a successful Intelligence Based Operation, Pakistan Maritime Security

Green Line bus service: What perks can citizens avail from the transport?

The PTI government has fulfilled the promise of modern transport for the citizens of Karachi. Today, Prime Minister Imran Khan will inaugurate the Green Line bus service, the details of which have come to light. The prime minister and the

This Rawalpindi woman sells unique “Matka Pizza”

Who thought we would witness a day when we would try every kind of dish in our traditional handi? After preparing Matka tea, Matka Biryani, our beloved Pakistanis have come up with Matka Pizza. Mrs Ali has opened a new

Islamabad man starts selling homemade macaroni amid ‘rising inflation’

ISLAMABAD: Rising prices and a weakened currency are straining households in Pakistan. Today, not only the poor but also the white-clad class in the country is anxious for a two-time bread. However, even today there are countless people who, instead

Despite his disability a man suffering from polio affirms to work hard

A man named Ali Hassan works hard day and night on a tyre puncture shop despite suffering from polio since the age of one. Ali Hassan said, his friend brought him to a tyre puncture shop. When the owner of

A look inside Central Jail Karachi: Facilities for prisoners and more

KARACHI: Walking into the Karachi Central Jail one doesn’t feel like it conforms to the stereotypical image of what a jail is ‘supposed’ to look. Spread over 65 acres, Central Prison Karachi houses 6,174 prisoners against the authorised capacity of