Act Now for Pak-Kazakh Stronger Ties

Bumpy politics, undue interinstitutional interference, inefficient diplomacy and bilateral relations, turtle-slow economic growth, and ethnic divide are the hallmarks of today’s Pakistan – a seventy-five-year old country of unwise leadership. Moreover, Pakistan is a reluctant country to learn from others

Ukraine’s April Counteroffensive

No peace negotiations are on the horizon to end the Ukraine war, rather every effort is being made for the April-end “Counteroffensive” to “liberate” the “Russian-occupied” territories of Ukraine in the last 14 months of the Russia-Ukraine war. Just a

Natural gas and ungrateful Pakistanis

Natural gas in India, like most other countries in the world, is a rare commodity, half of the country’s total population, about 70 crores (almost three times the population of Pakistan), still uses biomass (i.e., wood, animal waste, solid waste

Failed Darconomics

Millions in Pakistan are feeling the pain of a deepening economic crisis. The working and lower middle classes in Pakistan and around the world have spent most of the year 2022 in a crisis like situation. The economic outlook for

Pakistan’s auto industry

The economic woes experienced by Pakistan have put enormous pressure on almost all sectors and auto industry is also affected by the economic downturn. The auto sector has reported a significant fall in production and sales and it looks quite

Hope might be broken

The situation in various parts of Pakistan is touching the limits of deplorable and instead of any hope of improvement, with each passing day, the situation is leading to chaos, tension, political strife and division instead of improvement. In such

Energy: The lifeblood of economy

Energy economics has drawn substantial attention from academicians in recent times. This issue is important because energy drives the wheels of economic growth since it is a key factor of production, along with capital, and labor. In addition, the higher

Is Pakistan near default?

Pakistan is among the few countries today in deep financial trouble. The previous PTI-led indebted government spent money it didn’t have to shore up the tottering health system against the coronavirus pandemic, and to provide subsidies on petroleum products. Then

COP27 and Environmental Efforts in Pakistan

Pakistan is weathering a furious political storm at home, along with an economic crisis. But at this year’s United Nations climate change conference in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt known as COP27, Pakistan currently chairs the G-77 group, comprised of 134 developing

How long march affects economic stability in Pakistan?

Over the past two decades, Pakistan has achieved significant poverty reduction, but human development outcomes have lagged while economic growth has remained volatile and slow. Expansion of off-farm economic opportunities, and the increase in migration and associated remittances allowed over

Enemies of the State

The enemies of the State are once again playing with the minds of the people in an effort to weaken the country. People have been made to fight each other for decades, leaders have been chosen and replaced, but the

Imposing manipulated narratives

Not new or strange. We are living in the age of “processed information” that is communicated systematically to develop a manipulated or camouflaged narrative in a country, region or globally. The built-up of a manipulated narrative usually serves some political,

Panadol shortage

Pakistan is facing a shortage of widely used over-the-counter (OTC) drug panadol as the country is facing outbreaks of dengue, typhoid and other viral fevers. This is not the first time that essential items or a drug has become shortage

Causes of country’s disaster

An economist is a person who takes into account the needs and comforts of a man with limited resources and makes a plan that can provide all facilities to that person, institution, or country within the same resources as any

Rebounding rupee

The rupee has finally turned the tables against the US dollar and there was a bunch of good news this past week on the economic front for Pakistan. The official figures for the trade deficit saw it shrink by almost

G20 – No more a Business as Usual

Just a week back, the foreign ministers of the top twenty countries assembled at Bali (Indonesia) on July 7-8 for the G20 Foreign Ministers’ Meeting. G20 is the highest forum mostly for the Western countries guided by the theme “Recover

Govt should stop telling lies

Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif and his Memon Seth, Finance Minister Miftah Ismail, seem to be in a state of uncertainty. and we are hopeful that they will overcome the economic crisis by ending the uncertainty in the country. Looking at

Fraud of power houses and increasing inflation

Every government has befriended the power plants to break the backs of Pakistanis and the power plants have been showing kindness to the governments and the people by saying that we are giving you loans. This has always been the