Impact of Iran-Saudi’s relations on the region

Bilateral relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia have been strained due to many geographical and political issues, but in March 2023, China’s efforts got successful and the restoration of diplomatic relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia was announced after talks

Make the economy productive

The International Organization IMF, the biggest creditor of the country, has released its World Economic Outlook report, in which it has been said that in the coming days, inflation in Pakistan will be higher than the target, growth will remain

Will IMF Re-sign Loan with Pakistan?

When a country borrows from the IMF, the government agrees to adjust its economic policies to overcome the problems that led it to seek financial assistance. These policy adjustments are conditions for IMF loans and help to ensure that the

Overcoming economic obstacles in Pakistan through entrepreneurial literature

Pakistan, like several other developing nations, confronts various economic challenges that impede its progress. Numerous hurdles impede progress in various domains, notably the elevated levels of joblessness and destitution. Furthermore, entrepreneurs encounter obstacles such as restricted avenues for obtaining financial

Reasons behind increasing inflation

Everyone is worried because of inflation worldwide and saying that inflation should be low, but as individuals, we are not ready to give up on our profit margins. We only wish to see inflation decreasing for ourselves, not for others. 

Energy: The lifeblood of economy

Energy economics has drawn substantial attention from academicians in recent times. This issue is important because energy drives the wheels of economic growth since it is a key factor of production, along with capital, and labor. In addition, the higher

Federal govt decides to increase prices of electricity and gas

ISLAMABAD: The federal government has decided to further increase the prices of electricity and gas.  According to the details, the federal government has decided to increase the rates of electricity and gas by bringing the mini-budget. Plans are underway to

Wheat crisis

The wheat crisis in the country is deepening with every passing day. From Punjab to KP, Sindh to Balochistan, masses in every province are facing the worst flour crisis. Experts and countless food departments across the country had given out

Greatness, education and ideas

Poverty will not end in the world until wealth reaches to the poor by passing through the hands of riches. Be it Pakistan or any other country in the world, the riches try to keep the wealth limited to them,

Mr Dar and Dollar

Pakistani politics have always been in the news since the country came into existence. Pakistan has seen many political characters that have created a significant amount of impact in Pakistan, be it negative or positive. Ishaq Dar, the ex-finance minister

Enemies within: War crimes in Ukraine

Bad time for the pro-Russian citizens of Kherson, a stronghold of Russia with a large Kremlin-leaning population, after the Ukrainian troops retook the city back on early morning Friday (November 11, 2022). The massive attack is said to be supported

CICA’s Astana Declaration – What Next?

The sixth meeting of the 27 heads of states and governments of the member states of the Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia (CICA) successfully concluded on 13 October 2022 in Astana (Kazakhstan). Yet again, it is

Politics of Economics-II

Political economists attempting to understand domestic macroeconomic policy often study the influence of political institutions (e.g. legislatures, executives, and judiciaries) and the implementation of public policy by bureaucratic agencies. The influence of political and societal actors (interest groups, political parties,

Politics of Economics-I

After decades apart, economics and politics have become inseparable once again. Growing numbers of voters are rejecting the long-held establishment consensus among economists that prosperity flows from broad free markets and free trade arrangements. Failing to secure political support for

Desperation of poor and the country’s conditions

The financial condition of Pakistan and its people has not changed till date because we have never done any economic planning and never thought about our future because we are a nation living in the present who neither learn from

PSO, TCP, Police and Inflation

Poverty, law and order, floods, Dengue, food prices, and rapidly rising electricity and petroleum prices are among some of the major issues of Pakistan. Yet, Pakistanis still live and hope that things will turn for the better. But the question

One-China and US-Taiwan ties

The Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb arrived in Taipei (Taiwan) on Sunday, becoming the latest U.S. official to visit Taiwan and defying pressure from China that believes such trips shall not happen. The U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi made a two-day

US-China tensions peak over Taiwan

Russia and China are the two countries in this part of the world that bother the US. Even their peaceful economic growth and issues in their neighborhood become the priority agenda for the US and their allies, living miles away

Politicized Dollarization

The term dollarization is shorthand for the use of any foreign currency by another country. Dollarization occurs when residents of a country extensively use foreign currency alongside or instead of domestic currency. Dollarization is a situation when the local currency

The poor suffer amid politicians’ wrangling

One wonders whether Pakistani politicians think about their politics or the people, wish to eliminate poverty or the poor, want to build the country’s assets or destroy them, embrace ways to make the rich poor, and send the poor to

Inflation, masses and hypocrite politicians

Hardly any nation in the world, despite its vast reserves of natural resources and human potential, has suffered as much hatred, nepotism and dishonesty as the Pakistani nation, while politicians are the ones who are in power and decide the

Power cuts

Pakistan continues to reel under a severe electricity crisis with both urban and rural areas across the country facing excruciatingly extended power outages. The load-shedding, which has hit both citizens and the industry, has forced PM Shehbaz Sharif’s government to

Rising geostrategic threat to China

China is being surrounded by all four corners by the US and their allies. All the big powers are on the same page against China. Their efforts are peaking up. All conspiracy theories are narrowing down on China to put

Chances for Pakistan to exit FATF’s grey list

The process of Pakistan’s removal from the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) grey list is a good omen and a sigh of fresh air as global inflation, Pakistan’s political situation, and other economic indicators continue to point to uncertainty. Worryingly,