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Monday 2nd October 2023 / 17 Rabiulawal 1445

Canon introduces smart camera ‘PowerShot PX’ to cherish family moments

source: Camera Jabbber

first smart camera to transform the photos taken without the help of professionals.

A Japanese multinational corporation that specializes in optical, imaging, and industrial products, such as lenses and cameras, has introduced a new smart camera ‘PowerShot PX’ to cherish beautiful and valuable family moments.

Canon introduces the first smart camera to transform the photos taken without the help of professionals. The PowerShot PX is a crowd-funded camera that is stationary and can be placed at any corner of the house. PowerShot PX has a built-in function of facial recognition and auto-subject search to automatically capture 11.7-megapixel images or 60p Full HD video.

However, Canon is redefining imaging with its new product, it can document all social events and personal family moments without taking your phone with you. PowerShot PX also has a voice command facility that allows you to capture still images or dynamic videos completely hands-free.

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Canon with its PowerShot PX, promises you to not blink or miss out on anything. With its portable design, USB-C charging, and built-in Wi-Fi, which links to other smart devices, the compact PowerShot PX lets you go anywhere for as long as possible.

Moreover, with PowerShot PX’s iOS and Android app, you can manually control the camera to compose the perfect shot and capture images from a distance. The key features of the Canon PowerShot PX camera include.


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