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Sunday 23rd January 2022 / 20 Jamadilakhir 1443

Brazilian woman arrives in Pakistan to marry a 22-year-old man

(Hum News)

(Hum News)

The friendship that grew on Facebook has turned into love as a Brazilian woman arrived in Pakistan to tie the knot with her love interest. 

According to media reports, a 35-year-old Brazilian woman arrived in the Fort Abbas area of ​​Punjab province to get married. Prior to the marriage, the Brazilian girl converted to Islam and changed her name to Iqra from Patricia.

According to the report, a 22-year-old Sarfraz became friends with a Brazilian woman on Facebook two years ago which later turned into love, after which the two decided to get married. Iqra believes that she is very happy to get married and the people of Pakistan like her very much. According to her, the family of the groom has also given her a lot of love and respect.

On other hand, Sarfraz says that he himself had invited Patricia to visit Pakistan and get married, which he accepted with the consent of his parents. Sarfraz says that he is very happy after marriage.  

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