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Brawl breaks out between PU admin and students in Lahore

LAHORE: Brawl broke out between Punjab University administration and students in Lahore on Thursday.  

A couple of days ago, a Conference in support of Kashmir was held at the university and it was during the address, a fight broke out in the parking lot between two groups of students. These were students from the Baloch Council and Islami Jamiat groups. As a consequence of that, an FIR was registered by the university administration against four students, who were then rusticated.

Thursday’s rally was staged by students from the Baloch group who wanted their four members to be readmitted and the police report to be repealed. However, they didn’t obtain permission from the university to stage a protest and the university has a rule against protests or other demonstrations.

As a result, when the students began to protest at the Faisal Auditorium, they were met with a heavy contingent of security guards. A minor fight broke out between the students and guards and the university administration had to call in the police.

According to Punjab University spokesperson Khurrum Shehzad, the situation is now under control. We decided not to give them permission to hold the protest, he said.

The students went to the vice-chancellor’s office and spoke to him along with the police. They have decided to call off the protest

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