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Friday 1st December 2023 / 18 Jamadilawal 1445

Freedom of speech and expression being curtailed: Bilawal

bilawal bhutto zardari
ISLAMABAD: Freedom of speech and expression is the mother of all human rights, said Chairman Pakistan People Party Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, while addressing an event in connection with the International Human Rights Day.
He said that students should have the right to have their say that how their institution is run like teachers association and employees association. He appreciated the work of Sindh Peoples Students Federation.
He said that it is unfortunate that today freedom of speech, expression and press has been curtailed by this government.
“Without freedom of expression we cannot correctly decide for our country. Today the government is not ready to listen to the opposition. We have to also protect the economic rights of the people.

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“We have to become a state where equal pay is for equal work without the bias of gender. Human rights are the supreme right. It is our right to have free and fair elections. In every election people’s vote are stolen.
“We need to have real representatives in the assemblies not puppets. PPP has always been on the fore front of human rights for the people of Pakistan. Zia-ul-Haq usurped the rights of women in Pakistan,” he said.
Bilawal added the PPP brought 18th amendment for giving rights to the people usurped by dictators, but even today provinces are not provided with resources.
“Sindh government is leading from the front to give rights to the people despite difficult circumstances and conspiracies against 18th Amendment.”

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He said the 18th amendment provided the right to education, right to information and right to free trial and now these rights are the part of constitution and the judiciary will also realise that they have to give these rights to the people of Pakistan.
“It is the right of Kashmiris that they are given the right of self determination. We must not compromise on fundamental human rights.
“Pakistan must be a peaceful, democratic and prosperous country but our country is fast becoming weak during this government,” he remarked.
Bilawal added they will give one message from Rawalpindi sit-in of 27 December that even today the people are firm in their resolve that all powers belong to the people.
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