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Bilawal launches ‘Benazir Mazdoor Card’ to facilitate labourers in Sindh

Bilawal Bhutto Zardari

KARACHI: On the occasion of Labour Day, Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has launched the ‘Benazir Mazdoor Card’ for those labourers holding the domicile of Sindh.

Addressing a ceremony to mark International Labour Day on Saturday, Bilawal said that Bhutto Shaheed gave rights to the workers and gave all the projects including EOBI, adding that the PPP was the first party in the country to devise a labour policy.

“Today on Labour Day we have implemented our manifesto by issuing labour card,” said Bilawal. The PPP chairman said that Benazir’s Mazdoor card is a historic achievement, proud of the PPP which has always fought for the rights of the workers, he said.

He asked workers to register themselves adding that there are many issues of transparency due to non-registration. He stressed that education, health facilities are the right of workers.

Bilawal said that Benazir Mazdoor Card would alleviate the problems of the workers. We want to take Shaheed Bhutto s mission forward. He said that PPP has provided employment opportunities everywhere and poor women are getting help from Benazir Bhutto Support Program.

He said PPP empowered the workers, 18th amendment, restoration of the constitution are important achievements of the Peoples Party. The PPP chairman said that he was happy to attend today s event adding that the labour card will benefit the workers of Sindh.

Criticizing the government, Bilawal said that the economy is running under the deal between IMF and PTI. Today there is historic inflation and unemployment in the country. The incompetent government did not consider the public interest in the deal with the IMF.

Labour Day — also known as May Day — is observed around the world to express solidarity with and honor the rights of the labour class.

The purpose of celebrating this day is to initiate steps to provide job protection to labourers and industrial workers against any exploitation.