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Ban on appointment of 30 officers of Karachi Police as SHO

Rashid Ali and Farrukh Shehryar also became part of the list

KARACHI: At least 30 police officers have been accused of promoting crimes, prompting the police chief to ban them from being posted as SHOs.

According to details, the Karachi police chief banned 30 police officers for a year and released a list of the said officers who could not be posted as SHOs for the next 12 months. Former police officers are facing serious charges of smuggling chalice, illegal sale of water, and sponsoring organized crime.

Three sacked policemen were also made part of the list. Karachi Police Chief Imran Yaqub Minhas has banned 30 long-serving police officers from being posted as SHOs in the city for the next year. Former SHO Mochko Muhammad Wasim, Rafiq Ali Mughal, and SHO Chakiwara Ayub Soomro are also on the list.

A formal ban notification was issued according to which Pervez Ali Mithani, Agha Muhammad Aslam, Nusrat Hussain Sheikh, Inspector Obaidullah, Wasim Ahmed Siddiqui, Muhammad Ghayyur, Javed Ahmed Brohi, Abdul Rasool Sial, Abdullah Bhutto, Akbar Niaz Rai, Amir Hussain, Ahmed Khan Niazi, Muhammad Aslam Khan, Ashraf Jan, Mansoor Ali Khan and AD Chaudhry are also on the list.

According to the official notification, Kamran Usher, Arshad Hussain, Farhan Sarwar, Shamshad Chachar, Saleem Khan, and Syed Rashid Hussain were also banned while former SHO New Karachi Industrial Area Sub Inspector Younis Khattak, SHO Rizvia Syed was also sacked.

Rashid Ali and Farrukh Shehryar also became part of the list. Serious allegations have been made against all SHOs. Younis Khattak was fired from a drug dealer for accepting a bribe of Rs 3 million. Farrukh Shehryar was fired for making a report against a senior officer. SHO Rizvia Rashid Ali was sacked for alleged negligence.

The other 27 officers are accused of alleged patronage of drug dealers, including organized crime, and negligence in preventing other serious crimes, including the illegal occupation of land. A notification regarding the ban imposed on the officers was sent to the DIGs of the three districts of the city. Not all officers will be able to be posted as SHOs for the next 12 months.