Soraya Rahim

Soraya Rahim

The writer is a professor at NED and SZABIST University.

Prisons to Palaces

We have all been there, stuck in a prison and wondering why life has brought us to a standstill. Many times a palace may feel like a prison, you have everything at a touch of a screen, a swipe of

Their Fault?

Son, it’s not appropriate for you to choose this career, what will people say, I haven’t toiled day and night for you to pursue music, it’s not a beneficial career path’… ‘Isn’t it high time you get married, you’re not

Happily ever after

It is said that finding true love in a man or a woman is the ultimate accomplishment of bliss and heaven on earth. A soulmate, as romantic pundits would put it. But have we ever asked about our soul, mate?