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Asad Umar warns media, PDM of ‘severe beating’  

Asad Umar warns media, PDM of ‘severe beating’  

ISLAMABAD: Minister for Planning, Development and Special Initiatives Asad Umar has warned the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) and media persons, who he said are facilitators of Opposition alliance, of a “severe beating” if they marched towards Islamabad.

The minister issued the warning to the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) while addressing a rally in Islamabad on Friday. Opposition parties have announced a long march to oust Prime Minister Imran Khan-led government and “save the country”.

Addressing the rally, the Planning Minister accused the media of being a “facilitator” of the opposition alliance and said, “Don’t even think of coming here. If you do, you will receive a sound thrashing.”

“Imran will neither bow before anyone nor is he frightened of any situation. Khan shot down two Indian jets when challenged by Indian Prime Minister Modi. Nawaz Sharif and his sons were forced to run to London along with their relatives,” he added.

He said public money was meant for the people of Pakistan and not for buying flats in London. The minister claimed that Pakistan was progressing steadily and the country’s economy was doing much better than the rest of the world.

Asad Umar’s statement drew severe criticism from senior journalists of the country. Journalist Mazhar Abbas criticized the federal minister’s statement and revealed that Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists will soon announce a long March.

“Asad Umer’s statement is deplorable. Its an open FIR. PFUJ will give a call for long march on 17th. Please come and stop us. It was shocking to hear this from a saner voice. For record we have seen fascism of military dictators, civilian rulers as well as pressure groups,” Abbas wrote on Twitter.


PDM protests

The Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) — a multi-party opposition alliance — had decided to launch protests across the country as well as a long march towards Islamabad against the government’s “anti-people” measures and inflation.

“A protest will be held in Karachi on November 13, followed by one in Quetta on November 17 and in Peshawar on November 20,” PML-N’s Abbasi said, adding that the last rally would be taken out in Lahore, from where protesters would march towards the federal capital.

“This movement will end only after sending [Prime Minister] Imran Khan packing,” he stated, adding, “This is a movement to rid [the country] of Imran Khan.”