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Asad Umar blasts govt for highest ever inflation in country’s history

Pakistan has administered more than 30 million doses. Source: FILE.

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader Asad Umar on Saturday slammed the Shehbaz-led coalition government for highest ever inflation in the country’s history.

Pakistan Bureau of Statistics’ data revealed that the weekly inflation rate reached 37.67 percent this week.

Taking to twitter, the former federal minister said 37% inflation is the highest ever rate of inflation in the country’s history, and an increase of 3.68% this week is also the highest ever weekly hike.

“Imported government broke all records of inflation.” He added.

In another tweet, the PTI leader said “Sensitive price index (SPI) which measures increase in prices of essentials showed an increase of 17.87% in last week of PTI govt. Last week it had increased to 37. 67%!!! This is the highest level of SPI in Pak history. How much more destruction before this imported govt goes?”

It is worth mentioning that Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) data released on Friday showed that weekly inflation recorded a hefty increase of 3.68 percent for the week ended on July 28 as weekly inflation rate reached 37.67 percent.

The overall inflation rate in the country has reached 37.67 percent after weekly inflation surged by 3.68 percent driven by a sharp rise in the prices of essential items.

During the week, out of 51 items, prices of 30 items increased 07 items decreased and 14 items remained constant, showed the data issued by Pakistan Bureau of Statistics.

The weekly inflation spiked by 3.68pc due to an increase in prices of essential items including tomatoes 17.53pc, LPG 7.02pc, pulse masoor 4.18pc, pulse mash 2.87pc, puse gram 2.46, Pulse Moong (Washed) 2.02pc, Vegetable Ghee (2.5 kg) 1.80pc, Garlic 1.69pc, rice basmati (broken) 1.21pc.

Meanwhile, the electricity charges for quarter 1 (Q1) witnessed an increase of 26.11pc (Rs1.88). Prices of beef, mutton, sugar, milk and potatoes also witnessed an increase, while prices of onion, chicken, flour and eggs decreased.

Last week, the weekly inflation rate dropped to -0.22, however, the annual rate is over 32%.

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