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Around 17,000 medical professionals volunteered for PM’s Corona Relief Tiger Force

ISLAMABAD: Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Health Dr Zafar Mirza has said around 17,000 medical professionals, including 1,800 doctors, had volunteered for the Corona Relief Tiger Force.
Speaking alongside Prime Minister Imran Khan during prime minister’s address to the volunteer force, Mirza said that the government will assign specific tasks to doctors who had volunteered to be part of PM’s Corona Relief Tiger Force.
“We sent these medical professionals a special questionnaire and on the basis of their answers and our own thinking, the government will seek their help in effective implementation of SOPs and social distancing steps and specialised monitoring of quarantine and isolation centres,” he added.
Mirza informed that a majority of the 1,800 doctors will work for the government’s digital telehealth initiative so that they can give advice to patients over the phone.
“No one really knows how long this disease will last. Therefore, everyone needs to play their role,” he added. The special assistant urged the people to follow the precautionary measures and practice social distancing during Ramzan.
He said government had taken solid measures and finalized arrangements in all hospitals, utilizing utmost available resources to battle the coronavirus on emergency basis.
Meanwhile, Prime Minister Imran Khan has announced that the government will gradually ease lockdown, enforced to prevent coronavirus, to mitigate the economic impact on the people of Pakistan.
Addressing the volunteers of Tiger Force today (Monday) in Islamabad, PM Imran said that there was a stern need to lift the lockdown so that people can get jobs.
However, he said, “We have to be careful because all of our efforts will go in vain if people don’t implement precautionary measures.”
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