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Anil Kapoor responds to claims of drinking snake blood to stay young

Anil Kapoor is an Indian actor and film producer who has appeared in over a hundred Hindi-language films (INDIAN EXPRESS)

Bollywood veteran actor Anil Kapoor recently talked about funny predictions he heard about himself.

It all happened when the star was invite to Arbaaz Khan’s show as a guest and responded to several comments such as he ‘lives with a plastic surgeon’ and ‘drinks snake blood’ to stay young. While hearing such questions, Anil Kapoor broke into a laugh and said, “One person said that I keep a plastic surgeon with me.”

Kapoor continued that because of how privileged he has been in life – personally, professionally, and financially, he owes it to himself and his fans to take care of himself. “I have received so much, it helps in the way you look. Everybody goes through ups and downs, but I’ve been fortunate,” he maintained.

According to Kapoor, if one cannot take care of himself for even one hour a day then what’s the point. Arbaaz then showed Anil a rude comment about him and his daughter Sonam Kapoor being ‘shameless’. To which, the actor replied that if the person has commented like this, then they must either be in a bad mood or upset,  he said.