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Ali Safina sarcastically responds to objection on his role as ‘ghar damad’

Actor Ali Safina has sarcastically responded to the emerging objection on a role of ‘ghar damad’ he is playing in a family comedy-drama Chupke Chupke.

It all started when an issue was raised against Ali Safina’s role as ‘ghar damad’ in the drama and asked Safina how he feels about the criticism on his role. To which, the actor sarcastically said, “Bhai jab Miskeen bhai apni family k saath khush hai to logon ko kya fikar hai? Chill karein sab and enjoy the show (If Miskeen is happy with his family then why are people worried? Chill and enjoy the drama).”

Since the drama has aired, Safina’s character has sparked a debate on social media with many saying that the drama is showing sons-in-law in poor light. Safina, who plays Miskeen is married to Gul (Mira Sethi) and lives in his wife’s house with her family. He is seen cooking in the kitchen and doing other house chores. Moreover, he is mocked by his wife’s family members for him being ‘useless’. 

Earlier, Osman Khalid Butt also clarified Safina’s character saying that Miskeen is ridiculed because he refuses to work even though he has an opportunity to join the family business.

Directed by Danish Nawaz, the drama features Ayeza Khan, Asma Abbas, Farhan Ali Agha, Aymen Saleem, Arsalan Naseer, Mira Sethi and Tara Mahmood besides Butt and Ali Safina.